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Author Topic: Djinn  (Read 363 times)


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«: July 27, 2011, 06:33:49 PM»
I am seeking:
~ Two/three ports for my new character, Djinn.
1. Her human form.
2. Her natural form.
3. Her animal form.

~ Three pieces of character art for her.

I am offering:
Lifers - pending, waiting on contest results.

The priority is just a reference of her human form and a port for it.
Realistic style wanted.
Pixel or smooth remap OR nonremap.


Offline Rex T-Rex

Re: Djinn
«Reply #1: July 28, 2011, 12:17:12 AM»
Hm.. the name Djinn alone sounds like an interesting character (especially if you took any cues from the djinns of mythology). I'd be willing to give her a shot.
Ports are $10 character art varies and I can honestly only really quote you once you tell me what you're looking for (probably around $5 at the most unless you're looking for full detail and shading on the character art).
You can reach me best via PM here or by my alts Rex T-Rex or Anku.
Visit my site-> http://rext-rex.webs.com

currently have alts on sale! http://altmarket.net/index.php?topic=31876.msg468272#msg468272

I am adorifying!

Offline Choccy

Re: Djinn
«Reply #2: July 28, 2011, 12:45:05 AM»
My artwork starts at 5GD/5pp a piece really, so you could get maybe 5 for a pair of wings or something? I draw on plain paper using pencil, if interested for examples and such, pm! I would be more than willing to work for you :3