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Author Topic: Addy Ports! Only $10!  (Read 547 times)

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Addy Ports! Only $10!
«: August 05, 2011, 03:32:49 PM»
Yup. PayPal is preferred, so GD is twice the amount. Tryin' to save vacation money.

On that note, I will be gone in early-mid September, but all commissions should either be done by then, or I'll finish while on leave- I'll have a computer, but yes.

I will give my PayPal e-mail when payment is due.
I work fast. Usually once I contact you back, I've already started on something. Once I have the sketch, I'll send it to you for approval of pose/idea. Afterwords, I will send you the base-colored image. THIS IS THE TIME FOR EDITS. If your character's vest is forest green, and I made it mint green, TELL ME THEN. Not when I send you the port.

NON-REMAP ONLY. (I do not have the skills to make remaps that I am personally satisfied with. :/)

(I'd order them newest to oldest, but I'm not entirely sure myself. So it's Newish-est --> Oldish-est. lol)

$10 USD

Generally I'll do Pixels, if you would like a CG port (such as 1, 2, 3, &15), please let me know.

For a limited time I'll be offering... these. I'm calling them sprites, even though they're not. "Tags" or something. Transparent background. So far for guestbook stuff, but whatever you ask for, right? xD;



Please PM me here. It is so much easier to keep track of things for me. You may whisper Adiel in-game, but I'm not online at regular hours.
In your contact, please include;

Name of character:
References: (Must have references. I will not 'guess' at your character. xP Sorry.)
CG, Pixel, Sprite:
Pose idea: (Optional)
Background idea:
Contact: (I.E. - PM on FAZ, ___ in-game, ___ on DA, e-mail; whatever you want me to primarily contact you by.)

Pose idea is optional because if you really can't think of something, I'll do my best to come up with something, or chose a more generic pose. BACKGROUND IDEA IS NOT OPTIONAL. I hate backgrounds. I loathe backgrounds, and I am not very good at backgrounds. So if you do not have an idea, you get a plain color background, or something random that I like. :/

After you send your request, I will contact you back, and let you know that I am accepting your commission. I am distinctly more comfortable with human forms and faces, and am only really half-decent with canine features (feral/anthro), with little talent for feline or other maws.

When you're on the list- since lists are fancy, please make sure you're paying attention to the preferred method of contact that you've chosen. 80% of the time I will go in order- but if someone is taking longer to reply, I'm on to the next one. :/

After I show you the sketch, I will attach my paypal e-mail (unless we have worked out GD payment), and you will send payment. Once I receive payment, I will move on to line-art and flat coloring.

Your last chance for edits is when I send you a link to the flat-colored image that I'm working on. Once you approve the flat color, I will move on to shading and finishing.

When I'm done I will send you the final image. I usually will upload the PNG file to PhotoBucket, and you can save it however you want. If you would prefer that I send the file to an e-mail, please let me know.


(* = Unpaid  ~ = Paid)


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Re: Addy Ports! Only $10!
«Reply #1: August 07, 2011, 03:26:06 PM»
A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself.