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Author Topic: Jungle Naga Port Set (Male, Female, Unspecified)  (Read 597 times)

Offline Jhuelian

Jungle Naga Port Set (Male, Female, Unspecified)
«: August 07, 2011, 02:54:58 PM»
It's $50 for the entire set as a whole, however I'm willing to sell each seperately IF you, or more than one person is interested in at least 2 of them. They are $20 individually. Paypal only, sorry.

Again, so many people have asked this I just want to single it out, I'm not selling these individually one at a time. The only way I would sell them out of the set is if you wanted only two of them, so it would save you $10 to leave out the third, or you and a friend liked different ones and both wanted to buy them from me.

If you're not hot about the background, I can either sent you bgless versions or you can just change it yourself, but if you change it yourself, keep my signature please. It's in the upper left of the portrait, and is a J

Contact me in-game as Am'God or Opulence if interested, I do not check here often and will miss any posts or pms.