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Author Topic: HELP ME! Anthro, Feral, Human, Chibi, Cartoon, Animated, etc. Ports!  (Read 887 times)

Offline Zahzu

Hey all!

So, it turns out I'm in a pretty significant need for money.
I really want to attend LemurCon- this year in particular is incredibly important to me for a multitude of reasons, so I could really really use some work!
I need $500 to afford gas, hotel, etc., and I need to raise it all before September 5th!
With no other means of revenue, and no family or friends with the financial means to help me out, I'm hoping the good people of Furcadia might be able to save me in this most desperate of endeavors!

My average prices are:
- $10 for typical portrait (any variety)
 + $1 per frame for basic animations (sparkles, blinking, simple movement, etc), or
 + $2 per frame for complex animations (I'll do complex animations! Running, dancing, expressions, or whatever!)
- $25 for Portrait Sets (male, female, unspecified)
 + Animation prices as stated above

Prices may vary depending on complexity/simplicity, and I can offer further price breaks when buying many portraits!

Right now, my examples are limited, but I'll be making some new ones over the coming weeks.
EDIT 2: Completed commission for Enigmatic-Allure on DA of a non-remap, cute/cartoony-styled feral rat.

EDIT: Finished a new portrait example! This one is a semi-anthro, cartoon portrait!

I'll be adding more examples as I finish them, so stay tuned! /EDIT

These examples are all circa ~2009-2010. They're all feral (whereas I usually draw anthros), but it at least gives an example of the type of work I do!

I'm also taking player/patch commissions (examples of which are in the previous images)- Details can be found IN THIS THREAD!

If you've got the desire and the cash, any help would be substantially appreciated! Furcadia helped me when I did a fundraiser to help save my friend's baby and home, so now I'm hoping they can save me in something that means so much to me!
You guys are my last hope! ):

   ~ Zahzu <3
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Offline Zahzu

Added a new example! Check it out- it's Taph, the Mauritian Tomb Bat! C:

Offline Zahzu

Another example posted! This one's a commission I did of someone's feral rat character. (: