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Author Topic: Co-Op Dreamwork?  (Read 681 times)

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Co-Op Dreamwork?
«: August 11, 2011, 04:01:37 AM»
Hey, folks. I haven't been on Furc in some time, but as of recent I really miss the free-flow writing catalyst to creativity that used be to sparked in some sessions I experienced by means of the game. I especially enjoyed participating in feral dreams.

I am a hobbyist writer/illustrator, and I was considering dedicating some of my time and efforts to patchwork, coding, writing, and web design via bamboo-tablet/dreamweaver/etc. (unfortunately, any launchpads I have for my work online are currently on pause, so, no quick refs/examples at this point, but I do have some things I may be able to share, if asked, and depending on the question-)

So yes, I am playing with the idea of creating a dream. A feral dream. 

The basis for the dream as-is stems on an idea that is neither necessarily new or unoriginal, something a little different, a sort of timeless classic that I feel could appeal to most people who enjoy playing throughout the feral circuit. I'm interested in creating a dream loosely based around the plot of Watership Down, its two 'main species', or the more common/active roles within the dream would be based on rabbits and foxes, or a warren of rabbits and a clan of foxes, to start. Most of the avatars in the dream would be centered around the differing species found in the novel(rabbits, foxes, dogs, cats, rabbits, badgers, etc.). I would also like the dream to be interactive, thought out, and animated, its layout syncing with changing, current 'main' plots offered by the basis of its creators/artists, as well offering creative catalysts to all the 'mini-plots' created within the interaction of patrons and visitors. In addition, I would like to offer other creative prompts, some new and some linked to the original plot of Watership down. [i.e. - a common sense of spirituality shared between the creatures of the setting, as was experienced by the rabbits in the story. Something not akin to the novel would be the practical use of medicinal/manna-carrying herbs, or a strong foundation in esoteric lore, other interesting plot-sparks, etc].

More logistically, I would prefer the setting not be para-based RP, but well-thought, moderate partial-para to keep things flowing. Realistic(or as much as you can be, with elements of fantasy) is great, and OOC/IC areas would hopefully be very structured.

So, after that little brainstorm of my ideas directly related to dream-content, my real questions is, if anyone might be interested in participating in a project like this with me? It is a little different in that I wouldn't really want to promote any strong sense of "ownership" to the dream. I would also be interested in relaying the responsibilities of creation back and forth between collective contributors, especially if I can find some other folks equipped with similar programs that would be needed for editing/patching/coding the dream and a website. As I mentioned earlier, I'm a hobbyist, so I do have a day job and a  fair share of other projects to work on, and if I tried to pursue this myself, it'd take an awful long time. Moreso, I'm interested in creating a sense of community centered around the dream, and an honestly collectively-shared co-operative project. The outline I gave earlier is really just an idea- I would love to see it grow and be added onto by other minds.

So. I would love to find a handful of people who are interested in pursuing the creation of an equally-shared, owned-and-operated dream that was well-thought-out and put-together, in its content and execution. I'd have searched some time ago for these people by means of Furc, but as I mentioned much earlier, I am a very, very old player(started in '01, last played maybe.. '09?) and have since lost touch with anyone who may be able to assist in this pursuit.

Anyone curious? Anyway, it's late. Hopefully that blurb of info I just hammered out all makes sense. If you think you might have something to add or any suggestions, questions, or concern, or just might like to add to discussion in someway, please do. I'm accessible via this post, or by email. At any rate, thanks for reading -