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Author Topic: Non "Furc" Work YOU Might Be Interested In  (Read 5370 times)

Offline Rex T-Rex

Non "Furc" Work YOU Might Be Interested In
«: August 11, 2011, 10:15:57 PM»
Of course, "non furc" doesn't mean I won't do work for/of a Furcadia character.

So I've noticed that most of the "other work" people offer/look for tends to be websites. Every so often some on requests sculpted work or perhaps a desc maker. My question is, what would YOU as the potential buyer be interested in? I am considering offering some of my non digital work (EX: patches, ports, digital painting/sketches) and perhaps looking for commissions for such. So I want to know, what do YOU want to buy?

What I'm considering

dream catchers
RPG game figurines
medicine bags
other sewn goodies

So let me break down what each thing includes:

Dream Catchers-> coming in all sizes, probably not very intricate weaving -simply pattern-, decorated with real feathers (unless you really want fake ones), beads, stones etc.

Sculptures-> made from super sculpey, may or may not include wire frame and/or tinfoil base. Sculptures are always painted (unless asked not to). Depending on what is asked for sculptures may also include faux fur, beads, stones, feathers etc. Sculptures can come with a base, typically wooden (bases are hand stained).

RPG Figurines-> same as sculptures only appropriately sized per RPG game (EX: Dungeons and Dragons size category large), always come with a clay base (except for massive figurines, which will have wooden or no base), and can come with a stat card upon request.
Anyone who has played Dungeons and Dragons or War Hammer has likely run into the problem that you don't always have the appropriate figurine for a character or monster or that you have wanted a custom fig for a specific character/creature design. RPG figurines are custom made to your specifications and correctly sized for the table top RPG you request.

Plushies-> made from faux fur or other fabric, hand sewn, can include multiple accessories like feathers and beads.
Quite simply put, a plushy/stuffed animal/softie. Can come in varrying sizes and range from rag doll to super stiff or even poseable. (poseable plushies will have internal soft wiring.)

Medicine Bags-> small bags/pouches intended to hold spiritual objects like feathers and stones. Made from real leather, faux leather, or other fabrics. Can be decorated with multiple accesories like feathers and beads.
Typically small bags for holding spiritual items such as totems, stones, feathers, and herbs. Medicine bags can come with straps or be a simple pouch. Medicine bags can also come preloaded with special goodies, like stones, for extra.

Other Sewn Goodies-> most anyhting not listed above that is sewn.
Includes things like small clothing accessories, costuming (EX: toy gun holster), accesories for toys or pets, etc.

Materials (extended detail on "accessories")

Due to the migratory bird act I cannot sell the majority of feathers from birds in the local area (even if I have the permit to do so YOU cannot buy/possess the feathers unless you too have a permit). HOWEVER, I have a wonder pet blue bar homing pigeon and access to over 100 different pigeons, owned by my grandfather. These birds are NOT protected under the act and, therefore, these will be the feathers found in the dream catchers. Feathers are collected when the birds molt (so no harm is done) and properly cleaned. Examples of some of the pigeons that feathers may come from (NOTE: these are only examples, not photos of the actual birds I have access to)
Blue Bar http://www.animalpicturesarchive.com/animal/a1/Janssen_Blue_Bar_Racing_Homer_Pigeon_1-by_Bryan_Beneitone.jpg
Red Bar http://content.ornith.cornell.edu/UEWebApp/UrbanBirds/images/species/ubs_rocdov06.jpg
Grizzle http://www.herbots.be/images/lcb/articles/lapinski_art_2010_2.jpg
Checker http://www.ricksstrangeworld.com/blue_check.jpg
Ash Red http://www.feathersite.com/Poultry/Pigeons/Homers/AshRedHomerM.JPEG
Spread http://www.schmoker.org/BirdPics/Photos/Doves/ROPI17.jpg
Red Piebald/Pied/Spalsh http://r18.imgfast.net/users/1813/19/34/16/album/pr/lrsv10_600x480.jpg
Blue Satinette http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2760/4413931723_00c8451d8e.jpg
Red Satinette http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_kX5FfVQ8dcA/ScVCma-Y7uI/AAAAAAAAAJ4/4frSgePU0pk/s320/im000084.jpg
Silver(silver laced) Satinette http://www.classicoldfrill.org/images/picture1.jpg
Red Laced Satinette http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9e/Oriental_frill(red_laced_satinette).jpg

Stones: The "stones" include malachite (http://list-of-birthstones.com/Pictures%20of%20Birthstones/Malachite.jpg), rose quarts (http://list-of-birthstones.com/Pictures%20of%20Birthstones/Malachite.jpg), and many others.

Beads: Beads are anything from rainbow plastic to carved wood to bone to.. well.. pretty much any bead type I can find.

Shells: I live in florida and have access to many of our wonderful beaches, including Sharky Pier and Siesta Key. Shells and teeth are collected from local beaches and cleaned

Stat Card: Typically stat cards refer to Dungeons and Dragons figurines but they can come wiht relatively anything. Specifically for D&D, stat cards include the basic stats for the creature (EX: species, size, abilities) and a drawn image of the creature (either you can give me your drawing to use or I will draw it for you). D&D stat cards will include the basic information as is provided on official stat cards. (EX:  http://i1.squidoocdn.com/resize/squidoo_images/250/draft_lens5005832module37036452photo_1243809909ddm_card.jpg )

Feel free to offer up suggestions too, I don't have any examples at the moment and need to get new paint (I currently only have spray paint and my little machine isn't wokring properly so I've been hand painting with spray paint which doesn't yeild the best results). If I start doing dream catchers I'll try to get photos of the actual birds so that people can actually know who the feather came from.
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