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Author Topic: ~Seeking OC Artz~  (Read 504 times)

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~Seeking OC Artz~
«: August 12, 2011, 08:51:36 PM»

--- If you aren't up for doing free art then this isn't the thread for you, sorry! ): I had this posted in the freebie section but I was told it was in the wrong place or w/e so here I am. It's staying here unless a Mod moves me to the right area >> lol ---

My character is Jinxi, and that's also my name on Furcadia. I'm best reached via whisper (offline or not) or PM here. I'll be checking back on this thread every so often but probably just to bump, so if you really want my quick attention, post me on furc or PM me. :) (Furc is fastest, of course.)

http://ebonydragon.free.fr/jinxi_fullres.jpg - NSFW

If you're interested, please draw my OC! She's a cheshire kitty of sorts, if that's a need to know thing. o.O I ADORE chibi art, and will accept anything anyone draws me with gratefulness. :D

I have ZERO references of her 'kitten form'- but it's basically a small kitten / feral cat form of herself. Big ears, long tail with the mouth, the piercings, the markings... All the same just on a feral kitten form... So if you're able, I would adore that. ^^

Also a stupid silly thing but if anyone out there does lil' chibi 'scenes' I had a funny idea. Jinxi sitting down with a literal '>:' face, while a guy near her is looking all drooly grabby hands at her, and her tail is all like '?' in the first panel. Then next panel, it shows the tail basically biting the guy, half-swallowed to about his waist, with his legs flailing about like 'omg! D:' yeah idk.. I thought it was random cuteness. XD

Anywho, if you're interested, please draw her! I need some feral art of her as I'm lacking, and the ref sheet I commissioned rendered me broke. o-o Annnd with that I'm off. :3
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Re: ~Seeking Freebie Artz~
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Re: ~Seeking OC Artz~
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