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Author Topic: Fennec/Basilisk hybrid, female -- Artist needed! (lots of freedom!)  (Read 375 times)

Offline Vala


I had an idea about an fennec/basilisk hybrid, female character.
Yet I want to have her drawn out, first. Which daring artist(s) would like to give it a try?
The only demand I have is that she has a cloth bandage wrapped around her eyes.
The rest is up to you! Hairstyle, clothing, how the hybrid is made, colours, everything!
Feel free to make her a ninja, pirate, bellydancer, mystic, slave, gunslinger, geek, whatever.
Have fun, is what I say, and message me if you feel like taking this on!
Compensation will be talked about through PM's :)

Da da!
- Vala

(Oh! You can reach me in-game on Dystorted aswell :)))
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Offline Okepi

i'd be willing to give it a whirl

r.i.p. billy mays.