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Author Topic: 3 gd/pp realistic feral badges!  (Read 363 times)

Offline Basil

3 gd/pp realistic feral badges!
«: August 23, 2011, 05:23:50 AM»

Whisper Basil!

Hey, i'm trying to practice my realism in animals!
Trouble is, it's pretty hard to get motivated... unless money is involved. #SL

3 GD/PP + another 3 for shading
I will do "Offers" on large orders.

So, i'm offering to do a "Badge" - like the one posted above - of your character!
Any species of animal, domestic or wild! But feral only, please!
More examples below.

I dont really like drawing wings or hair on my animals, but, if you want me to i will.

The image will be flat shaded, unless you add another 3 gd/pp to the price, since i dont really want to practice shading, just anatomy.

You would certainly be doing me a big favor!

Whisper Basil if you're interested!

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