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Author Topic: College Fund Commissions, your prices.  (Read 374 times)

Offline Rhonda

College Fund Commissions, your prices.
«: August 24, 2011, 10:57:48 PM»
It's around that time.. www.holyfrap.deviantart. com and I go to college in a year and I have nothing for it. I want to become a Dog Groomer&a Vet Assistant, to make your dogs look nice n fuffy or shaved n lamb looking and to also help the vets out.. be their mudabitch.

Anyhow... this is a bit different, but it will help me a lot!

You can commission me in your prices.
1 cent, $2, $10, $40, $100.... I don't care.

I will be taking Paypal only.
With the acception of GD if Furcadia users are do not have Paypal, please do not lie to me as Paypal is very important at the moment.

Just PM me with your character(s) and what you want with them. I will try to get them done as soon as possible.
If I'm in an art block... then it MAY take a while but I will get it done.
Also, if you can see... I'm only capable of drawing ferals. Please no humans/anthros unless you want them mutilated by my skills.

Commission www.holyfrap.deviantart. com as well~

You can look at my gallery here, but some of it is a bit old.. www.adnohrr.deviantart.c om (:

It would mean a lot to me,