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Author Topic: few no longer used designs. $1-10 each. pp only.  (Read 639 times)

Offline kenny.

few no longer used designs. $1-10 each. pp only.
«: August 26, 2011, 11:10:59 AM»
i have a few designs i simply don't use anymore because i don't have the room or time to use them. use them goodly please!

first design- originally named tage. you cannot take the name. she's a collie.: $4
x - original reference.
art - x x x x x x x*i will give you one w/o words. you can make your own.

never even used it, i just kind of made it.: $1

she's a leopard seal, obviously. nice & simple. you can have the name, too if you want. her name is floe: $2 w/o name. $5 w/ name.

a belgian malinois. simple & sweet. you can take the name "kez" if you want, but idk if it's available on furcadia. never tried. name for free.: $3
art - x x

PM me - i check occasionally.
whisper tage.
DO NOT POST HERE - might not see it.
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* please buy my alts.