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Author Topic: Fallout New Vegas Patches (Willing to pay good money)  (Read 542 times)

Offline Vagabundo

Fallout New Vegas Patches (Willing to pay good money)
«: September 03, 2011, 02:43:10 AM»
I've seen a few dreams out there dedicated to Fallout and such, but I've been interested in creating a dream of my own for quite some time now.

I would need such things as Legion camp items, NCR camp items, Hoover Dam items, as well as walls and items that can fit for different cities.  It needs to be desert based.

I would also absolutely love some custom avatars

Bright Ghoul
NCR soldier
Ranger Elite
Random Wastelander

All ported if able.

I am willing to pay quite a bit of good money for this, as I would absolutely love to make it a group package dream.   Now, you may not get your money in one sitting, but I am more than able to throw in Biweekly payments that can be discussed with the artist.  And I would want the finished works given to me only when I pay in full.

I'm always on my alt Vagabundo or Kreole on furcadia, and contact me via PM here.
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