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Author Topic: Character art wanted <3  (Read 378 times)

Offline Cassadie

Character art wanted <3
«: September 04, 2011, 04:34:15 AM»
Hi everyone,
I'm looking for artists again though this time for some character art.
Chibi or not I don't mind. But nothing too expensive please cause I'm looking for a few different pics to have of her. Cassadie is a feline vampire, cute and alluring rather then the typical just sexy...though that's not to say she doesn't pull the sexy card from time to time.

I'm pretty open about this and anyone interested will get to pose her however. Hair up or down, in her normal dress or you could talk to me if you'd like to maybe dress her up in something else. The only real requirement is that her red mouse toy is with her somehow.

Payment can be done as either PP or GD.


Please pm me or whisper me on Cassadie if your interested. =3

Thank you everyone!
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