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Author Topic: Tattoo designs.  (Read 656 times)

Offline Schwarz

Tattoo designs.
«: September 04, 2011, 11:07:13 AM»
I need help designing a few of my tattoos. I can pay in paypal.
It doesn't have to be perfect. My tattoo artist will probably re-draw it anyway.
I just need a general reference so he knows exactly what I want.

Design #01; A raven head with red eyes, smoking a cigarette. It will have my father's name, birthdate, & (someday) deathdate. I'd like this one to look semi-realistic with the shading & whatnot. This will be on my back in-between the shoulders, so it should be a decent size.

Design #02; A machete coming through the skin. Similar to how people often have tigers or eagles clawing through their skin from the inside. Same general idea, except with a machete. I am not opposed to Jason Voorhees being within the design if somebody can draw it well. Design should be going horizontally, as it will be on my arm & will have to be covered for work.

Design #03; Jaws fist fighting the Kraken. I'll, uh. I'll provide full details if anybody actually wants to try this, lol.
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Re: Tattoo designs.
«Reply #1: November 22, 2011, 07:51:40 PM»
Hey! I would love to try my hand at your designs! Im an aspiring tattoo artist and love any oportunity to add to my portfolio of designs. You can give my da a peek, girlineyeliner, not a lot of my designs are there but thats cuz i keep tat stuff offline to avoid theft, but I promise Im worth the gamble. And I dont ask to be paid till youre happy with it so youre not gonna get ripped.