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Author Topic: •Candra//Weiss Character art collabs•  (Read 399 times)

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•Candra//Weiss Character art collabs•
«: September 14, 2011, 04:57:49 AM»
In an effort to meet both our demands, Weiss and I have decided to team up and offer art.

For a flat-coloured drawing, bust or full-body, we're charging just 10 DOLLARS.

If you want to add shading, it'll be $20.

Sketches may be drawn by either Weiss or Candra.
Flat-colouring will be done by Weiss, and outlining and shading will be done by Candra.

Examples coming soon, but feel free to check out our individual dA galleries!

Candra: www.swsb.deviantart.com
Weiss: www.bournetokill71.devia ntart.com

Contact us!
Whisper me via furcadia, /Candra [fastest]
Send me a PM here, or a note on dA
Post below
Whisper /Weiss via furcadia [fastest]
Send him a PM here, or a note on dA
Post below

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