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Author Topic: Non-remap ports (3 GD)  (Read 652 times)

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Non-remap ports (3 GD)
«: September 10, 2011, 12:46:16 AM»
Since it has been /years/ since I have been on furC I figured I'd take a few port commissions to work up what I use to have in the game. These are headshot ports , non remaps. I can do muzzles if need be but I would rather not.

I will accept
Dragon Scales

I will not accept

Fastest way PM me on here.
Whisper : Sordes in game
Email: [email protected]
FA: youdontknowme


(The characters belong to their owners I am only the artist.)

When you pm/whisper/email etc me please give me either a detailed desc of said character or a picture. What you would like like emotion wise as well.If you want a certain bg color or images etc.. tell me that as well so I get the full idea on what you want. I can give you three sizes of the picture if needed ( if not I give you two the port size and full size). The full size the 100x100 and the 95x95.

Payment goes goes as follows. I sketch it slap a watermark on it if approved then you send payment and I finish it. I will send you updates on the picture threw pm's honestly they should not take me more then a few days tops. ( Please do NOT rush me. If you want it to look good then it takes some time.)


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Re: Non-remap ports (3 GD)
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Re: Non-remap ports (3 GD)
«Reply #2: September 17, 2011, 09:04:00 PM»
 /touches thread


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Re: Non-remap ports (3 GD)
«Reply #3: September 27, 2011, 10:51:01 AM»
<3 :D