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Author Topic: 5-6gd/pp ports (closed- waiting list)  (Read 478 times)

Offline Booker

5-6gd/pp ports (closed- waiting list)
«: September 14, 2011, 02:55:37 AM»

buzzkill, clint

1. taken

waiting list;;
1. juvie
2. gift port

i am happy to take on a waiting list if anyone pleases. note that i probably won't start your port unless the current commission is done (unless i'm waiting for a response on a WIP or something.) if you want to be on the waiting list, please
-don't ask me if i started your port/moved you up to the commission slot. i will tell you when.
-don't ask me when i think i'll be done with the person's port i'm working on now. time i spend on ports is variable depending on the character and type of port.
-send me your info as if you were taking a regular commission. sometimes i get breaks in my commissions when waiting for responses, so i like to work on something else.

i only have a few examples because i've recently started doing ports again. i will add more as i chug along and work more.

if you're interested i encourage you to hit me up with commissions or questions.

if you want to commission me here's some info;;
**in the past i have dropped commissions because sometimes the characters just bore the shit out of me. to avoid this, if have no interest in drawing your character for any reason i just wont accept the commission.

 i accept payment AFTER the commission is completed, but before i send you an unmarked file.

please include the following;
Type of port: (remap, nonremap pixel, nonremap digital)
Payment type (paypal helps me out a whole lot, so its preferred):
Character Name:
Character Refs:
Color Code (if applicable):
Pose (optional but PREFERRED):
Background (optional but PREFERRED):
Ways I can reach you:
Extra info:

i think that's about it.. if you want a commission i'd prefer it if you hit me on on furcadia (as Clint) or on furaffinity (emelizabeth) because i check those places WAY MORE than i check this site because it gives me a headache.
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Offline Mannequin

Re: 5-6gd/pp ports (closed- waiting list)
«Reply #1: September 15, 2011, 04:49:49 AM»
ohwow damnit i want one ):

Offline Sealeo

Re: 5-6gd/pp ports (closed- waiting list)
«Reply #2: October 14, 2011, 05:11:15 PM»
Hurry up and reopen :D