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Author Topic: •Candra//Weiss Port Collabs•  (Read 548 times)

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•Candra//Weiss Port Collabs•
«: September 14, 2011, 05:10:17 AM»
In an effort to meet both our demands, Weiss and I have decided to team up and offer art.

For a portrait, remappable or non, we're charging just 10 DOLLARS. That's it.

Sketches may be drawn by either Weiss or Candra.
Candra will be outlining, and either Weiss or Candra will be shading.

Examples coming soon, but feel free to check out our individual dA galleries!

Candra: www.swsb.deviantart.com
Weiss: www.bournetokill71.devia ntart.com

Contact us!
Whisper me via furcadia, /Candra [fastest]
Send me a PM here, or a note on dA
Post below
Whisper /Weiss via furcadia [fastest]
Send him a PM here, or a note on dA
Post below

•Candra//Weiss Character art collabs•
♥Help Weiss see his girly♥
•Candra's character art•
•Candra's port art•

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Re: •Candra//Weiss Port Collabs•
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