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Author Topic: So-So Websites for 1 GD Each  (Read 552 times)

Offline Remillia

So-So Websites for 1 GD Each
«: September 16, 2011, 06:01:05 PM»
First, I'm going to start off with examples. I'm going to start with the premade and add any I make. Examples:

I make sites for 1 GD each. I do not accept any other from of payment other than digos, in which case I'm sure you wouldn't care to pay me with when it's 1 GD only. I need you to provide an pictures that are NOT tools in Photoshop. I can do gradients. If you want a certain text box design, you will need to supply that as well.

Whisper me on Akins or Remillia.

Posts on here will be slower to get a response from. If you do post here, please include a contact form! I will not be PMing you.

P.S. I can add your character art in links, or add some to the layout. You need to let me know.