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Author Topic: price check/crit!  (Read 976 times)

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price check/crit!
«: September 18, 2011, 07:50:11 PM»

1. so i know some flaws that are still obvious in my ports: i still struggle making the characters and backgrounds look like one unit. i have trouble for some reason making the characters look like they BELONG where they are. tips on that, i would appreciate
2. my anthro hair needs SO MUCH ENDLESS PRACTICE
3. i could definitely make use of more contrast.

and then a price for the ports.

'texture pieces'
http://www.furaffinity.net/full/6516159/ (most recent)

what would you pay for one of these? given that they take only about 2 hours, as well.


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Re: price check/crit!
«Reply #1: September 18, 2011, 08:06:14 PM»
First off, I really like your ports - I love your style and it sticks out.

I think a reasonable price would be about 10-15 dollars per port?

Critique; Maybe just start practicing life drawing more? start getting your constructions down, paint/draw from photos or real life things youre looking at (This will help with shading as well ;D)

You could also practice more with fur shading?

At the end of the day, it's what you feel comfortable doing. A good thing to do is to interact with other artists, study their style (but dont copy or you take on their bad habits), get tips from them as you go, and always look for ways things can be better (:

Hope that helps lol

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Re: price check/crit!
«Reply #2: September 18, 2011, 08:06:37 PM»
I really love the style of your ports, i especially like when you use colored lines. however, your shading doesnt seem to stand out enough and your ports look flat. i would try to make your shading more noticeable :)
I think something between 10 and 15 is a fair price!

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Re: price check/crit!
«Reply #3: October 23, 2011, 04:12:21 PM»
Big wall of text incoming, haha. x:

These are very nice, I really like the top four and that cheetah in the corner.  I ogled the gold kitty for a while especially. c:

From what I can tell, the reason why your subjects don't fit into their backgrounds is because you treat them separately.  I did some tweaking to your ports to help illustrate what I mean.  Hope you don't mind. ^^;

The gryph - I removed the outline.  You can compare the top and bottom and see that even that small difference makes it seem to "belong" more.  Your style is so realistic that outlines almost act like a divider between the figure and your background.  That and because your art is rather low-contrast (I do really love that look though C: ), having a harsh black outline suddenly cut across the image is not going to make the two go together very well.

The gold kitty - Again I removed the outline, but this time I also adjusted the lighting.  One of the basic rules in terms of shading is that for the light parts of your subject, the background behind it should be dark.  And for the light parts of the background, the subject should be dark.  This will make your subject pop out the most clearly.  Because your style is so low-contrast, this is something you might want to play with so that you can stay away from outlines but not risk making your subject blend into your background a little too well.

Also something else I just thought of.  In the case of this port, I would consider making the background considerably darker, because the light source almost looks like it's coming from the cat itself.  It would make the overall look much more dramatic.  Right now the background is so bright that it almost distracts from the subject.

The anthro - No outline again.  Since there's hardly any background, I did something different from the gold cat by playing with reflective lighting instead.  Reflective light is present no matter what.  This is another key thing I noticed about your subjects and backgrounds - the lighting from your background does not seem to affect your subject at all.  If you add some of the color of your background to your subjects, this will help because we will subconsciously recognize that the bg is affecting things directly, rather than just being something to fill up the empty space around the character.

For your hair, all it really needs are highlights.  Your hair for the most part only has darks, but even dark hair can get very shiny where the light hits it the hardest.

The cheetah - Removed the outline and played with how the figure should be shaded when the light source is coming from behind.  Kind of what I was getting at with how your subjects ignore where the background's light sources should make the shadows fall.

Anywho, this is just my two cents, and just my personal opinion, so take it how you want.  I think your style works very well for you the way it is. C:  I'm extremely picky about art, and yours would be something I'd consider if I ever bothered with porting alts, haha.

Oh, another suggestion.  If you want to keep your outlines, since it does seem to be a big style point for you, is to try making them a darker shade of your subject instead of one flat dark color.  That way it looks a bit more natural (since nature has no outlines anyway xD) and i won't act like such a big division line.   IMO, it also adds a little extra visual interest.

I would price your ports at at least $15.

Your textured drawings are adorable! C:  I would say go no lower than $10, probably more like $15 when there's two figures in it and/or if it's a larger image.

Hope I helped! ^^;