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Author Topic: simple websites  (Read 537 times)


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simple websites
«: September 20, 2011, 10:36:13 PM»
Hii! So i'm hoping to make a little extra cash by doing website comissions.
I only have two examples for now, but more will come as more are made.

example 1
example 2

For a limited time I will do two for the price of one!
That means two websites= $4 or 4 GD.
These are the only two forms of payment I will accept, nothing else.

If interested please send me a PM with the following form filled out;

Name of character website is for:
Personal quote/text (for the top of the page):
Background image and/or color:
Font style/color:
Information you want on the site:
Type of dividers:

sdkjldgfdf I can't think of anything else but if you do feel free to add it as well!

thanks for reading this & have a good day <3
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