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Author Topic: Looking: A port artist for a lovely Lemur (offering 4 port spaces)  (Read 345 times)

Offline Azara

I've had my character for years and have almost always had the same port (the one seen as my display picture)
Only recently did I take the time to clear all of the port spaces (thanks to my loving boyfriend) that were taken up by art I didn't like.. So now I'm left with $20 worth of portspaces and no art to put in the very last one.

So, heres my proposal. I'm willing to pay for some good, quality art of my character Azara if she's depicted beautifully, just like she should be. I may be picky.. or not. I can't be sure until I see who comes up! So.. don't be afraid!

Message me Furcadia on Azara if you're interested!
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