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Author Topic: Design me? :D  (Read 712 times)

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Design me? :D
«: September 22, 2011, 11:38:11 PM»
I looking to design my newest character though I'm stuck between two names, Nicotine and Chiodos. Character will be female. I don't have really anything specific set toward a design besides that its a female and the only two breeds that I'm looking for is either a deer or a canine of some kind, mixed/created breeds are perfectly fine. Its a character that I would like to have anthro and feral art for so if you would like to submit a reference of each form then help yourself. :) I would like for the character to somewhat resemble me in the following ways:
- Gauges
- Scene/straight very light blonde hair yet not quite bleach blonde with long bangs that can either be parted to the side or hang down in eyes/covering forehead
- Industrial bar in right ear
- Monroe on left side of face
- Second piercing in ear lobs. Small rings can be worn or some kind of dangling ear ring
- Nipple piercings [if any submissions are nude please include these or if your submission is a reference sheet with a nude to show markings and such and a regular one to show usual clothing]
- Small black rimmed glasses can be added if you like, I wear both small blacked rimmed glasses or contacts
- Thin with wide hips, not huge though, and smaller boobs though not tiny
- I am a smoker/drinker so feel free to include a cigarette or liquor in your art if you would like to! 

I'm a little more on the scene side so that type of clothing would be more preferred. Beanies, scarfs, jackets, w/e is up to you. :)

I'm looking for a unique design though not one that is too complicated and will be difficult for other artists to do art for. I would prefer to not have a ton of random colors, more realistic fur colors though hair can have random colors, highlights, colored tips, ect. and that would be fine. I will NOT accept entries that have been made with a premade template or lineart. The entire entry must be original and made by you!

There will only be ONE winner and the prize is $20 PP or 20GD. I am willing to go a little higher if the winning design has more than one piece of art, has a portrait included with it, or has a reference of anthro and feral forms. Contests entries are accepted until October 13th and the winner will be announced and e-mailed on October 14th. Any of the designs that are not chosen as the winner may be used as you want; resold, used yourself, thrown away, ect.

If you are interested in entering or have any questions please e-mail me at [email protected] OR PM me here OR whisper me in-game on Hill. :)
ALSO, when you submit your entry please cast your vote between the two of the names you like the most and think will fit your design best! Again, the characters are Nicotine and Chiodos.
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Re: Design me? :D
«Reply #1: October 15, 2011, 06:10:14 PM»
Hello! Just checking if the winner was ever chosen?