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Author Topic: Found, thank you. :3  (Read 335 times)

Offline Lillamita

Found, thank you. :3
«: September 20, 2011, 10:09:29 PM»
The problem: I have an idea, and no art, and somehow the trend has gotten so bad that I've barely been able to find artists that are willing to work without a reference. My character idea is not that complicated, but I don't want to bother artists by going against their rules/'do not's/etc. xP

So I'm looking for an artist willing to work with me without a reference. Following are relevant details, and if interested in having me commission you (GD, PayPal, lifers, portspaces, w/e- we can work it out)- please PM me. :3

Species: Feral Griffin
Color: White, with black scales, talons, and beak.
Details: Has heavy feathering around neck and shoulders, creating a kind of 'mane', has a bobbed tail (like a lynx), and no wings. Rather stout-looking creature, but large, about 4.5' at the shoulder.

Is that so hard? D;
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