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Author Topic: Cheap Commissions!  (Read 386 times)

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Cheap Commissions!
«: September 27, 2011, 12:47:21 AM»

Bigger image: http://d.facdn.net/art/neonicink/1317101679.neonicink_commission_chart.png

  • I usually get started as soon as I am commissioned.

If you'd like to watch a stream of your work being done, just tell me when you are availible. I do for customer satisfaction as I like to fix mistakes as soon as possible.
  • If you are not pleased with my work, I will do ONE redo, if you still aren't pleased, you get half your money back. Because of the work I put into the drawing, I can't afford the lost time on artwork.
  • Even if what you requested is not listed on the "Will Not Draw List" I still have say over if I want to draw your fetish or not, though I am pretty laid back.
  • If need be, I will offer IM contacts so I can better be in contact with you.
  • As long as you give me proper credit, you can post your artwork wherever you like. Just PLEASE give me credit.
  • I can be negotiable with prices!
  • Please have references for me to use. This helps me help you a lot! I will charge extra for having to draw off written descriptions.
  • If I am drawing from an adoptable, please have proof that the character design is your's. I don't want any drama that I've had before.


Please reply here, PM me or whisper Neonic Ink!

Thank you for your time!
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Re: Cheap Commissions!
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Re: Cheap Commissions!
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Re: Cheap Commissions!
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Re: Cheap Commissions!
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