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Author Topic: Pandah's Ports- 5 gd/dollars  (Read 523 times)

Offline Pandah

Pandah's Ports- 5 gd/dollars
«: September 28, 2011, 02:45:17 PM»
I am also offering Character Art!

I am able to do remap and non-remap, and pixel or smooth.  I am proficient at any character type, and I'll work with you to ensure you love your result~  For 5dollars paypal or 5gd, give me a good ref or description, as well as let me know what style you would prefer!  If you don't tell me if you want it pixel, remap, etc, I might just do what I wanna do! ;P

I will also trade for port spaces and other digo things!  Gimme a PM here if you are interested, or post if you have a question!

Work List
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