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Author Topic: Rebooting an old bar/club/rave style dream, help wanted! (all custom patches!)  (Read 687 times)

Offline Lassa

So! I made a dream a couple years back for an old fandom (invader zim lol) that, despite being absurdly proud of, never got used more than a few times.

(main room pictured, there is a fair bit more but it's not absurdly big. also animated in quite a few places)

All the patches were custom made for it by me, save for the Furcadia default pillows.

I've been thinking a lot lately - I would LOVE for it to be used, but I just don't have the heart to sell it. I want to restart it myself - make it anthro themed now, of course, but the rest will stay the same. My problem is that I don't have a ton of internet time to dedicate to roleplaying.

So I thought, why not ask if anyone wants to help? It wouldn't be much of a responsibility, I'm really lenient on rules. Just boot trolls and such, make sure roleplay keeps up to a certain standard (Two lines+, no chatspeak, the usual). Just have a fun time! I'm not trying to recruit people to do my work for me here. I want people who are interested in helping make a fun and creative environment.

If anyone is interested give a shout here! I'm no dream moderator. I work behind the scenes. So if I want this thing to be put to some use I'll need help!