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Author Topic: Can you draw a flox? :D Need some OC art, paying with Gaia items/gold!  (Read 414 times)

Offline Xai

I'm looking for OC art for my character Xai.

Unfortunately right now I'm unemployed so I can't do paypal/cash/GD.
I do however have a LOT of items on Gaia and some pure. 25mil is the approx value of my account. I've got items I can pay you with or I can sell them to pay you in pure if you prefer.

I'm mostly looking for art of Xai's flox form;

This is Xai's normal form;

Please contact me in game on Xai, by e-mail at [email protected] or on DA at http://kozinu.deviantart.com.  Furc/E-Mails will get the fastest response, you can reply here too but it may take me a while to get to it as I frequent many forums, unfortunately.

I'm looking for the same type of style/quality as what I posted for examples, honestly. If you aren't sure if you fit into that category please feel free to share examples with me and I'll let you know if I like your style or not! (Those are the types I lean towards, but I'm pretty open so long as it's quality work!)