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Author Topic: Chow -- Old, but worth mentioning  (Read 702 times)

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Chow -- Old, but worth mentioning
«: October 15, 2011, 12:01:09 AM»
Chow -- Old, but worth mentioning
1 August 2011, 12:37 am

I'm not really into the alt trading and selling scene anymore, but I uncovered something recently that reminded me of an old scam I had to face that was never fixed. There's no fixing the problem now (I'm fairly sure) and I've given up on it, but I figured this was worth mentioning. I do not know if Chow is still active at all.

This pertains to an exchange of an alt and art, so I don't believe it goes under art scams? If I'm wrong, I truly and sincerely apologize.

All mentions of the artist HOLLY are of a previous owner, who now is currently known as YOGI on Furcadia (AKA [email protected]).


Email Quote from Chow that I never realized I had -- I just went through my mail randomly to clean up, and found this.


Source: Furcadia Alt Market - Trading Scam Alerts

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