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Author Topic: I'm sorry I have to do this I am but..  (Read 409 times)

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I'm sorry I have to do this I am but..
«: October 15, 2011, 12:01:27 AM»
I'm sorry I have to do this I am but..
26 September 2011, 3:55 pm

If I have this in the wrong section I apologize and I know shits going to hit the fan, but it needs delt with properly.

I was making payments on Fengo, Collie knew when I was paying her and such and such. That is not the issue and I do not want to cause  A flame war but I do want something cleared up.

Now she says someone I will not name names. Caused her drama saying she was not to sell the alt lluv fengos mother.  Okay lluv is in collie possession correct me if I am wrong but YOU CANT TELL SOMEONE TO NOT SELL LLUV after the fact its been said and done. It was collie's alt and she did with it what she WANTED. She is allowed it is HER ALT. like it or not. Collie went and traded fengo to lluvs current owner to get lluv back to cause less drama, and then she claims she isnt going to end up to give lluv back to that one person cause that person hated hem and well Okay... then why bother doing the trade?


THING IS I made a payment on FENGO which means the alt was on HOLD FOR ME. correct me if im wrong but cant trade off the alt and be like I'm going to refund you and I'm ticked because I was not informed. I don't care about the excuses of how you didnt remember my alts or I have two many. She knew me on two alts and knew my FAM i should of been confronted about it. I'm truly sorry The new owner of fengo but I'd like this situation to be fixed. I do not want to be refunded I WANT FENGO.

Please correct me if I am wrong you are not allowed trade off an alt, that has been partly payed already! Thanks for your time, help would be great!

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