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Author Topic: Vollkreis  (Read 803 times)

Offline Dee

«: October 15, 2011, 01:00:39 AM»
I decided I needed to write this in regards to Nathalie's review on these two fine folks, since my experiences with them have such contrast with that she has reported.

I have never found them to be anything but polite and courteous when dealing with me as a commissioner, so it took me by surprise to see her harsh words. They are efficient, talented, and very reasonable (where else can you get a feral port of their caliber for ten bucks?!). They're one of the only artists I've ever commissioned that has corresponded with me throughout the process of making my port (I think I received something like five WIPS; typically I only get one or two at the most).

They also hold the distinction of one of very few artists who have made me feel worthwhile as a commissioner, rather than just a means to make money. They really, legitimately care about what you think of their art and that you are happy as a commissioner.

Both Wulfghast and Jagerin are wonderful people with wonderful personalities and wonderful prices and they're just so wonderful I can't think of a damn thing to complain about.
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Re: Vollkreis
«Reply #1: October 15, 2011, 08:46:10 PM»
If you're writing a review focusing on a single person who is a member of the site, please use the review function in their profile.