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Author Topic: Cheap Dreams!  (Read 990 times)

Offline Solanum

Cheap Dreams!
«: May 11, 2008, 09:56:26 PM»
Okay everyone! 

First off:  If you are interested, I would prefer you contact me on Furc since I don't check FAZ often.  But I am on Furc nearly every night.

Flat rate of 5 GD for any dream IF you can provide me with the patches you want used.  All of them.  And within a day or so after I start.  After that, any patches you want added will be an extra 1GD.

If you can not provide me with patches, you will need to give me a pretty vivid description of what you want the dream to look/feel like.  If I can find patches that you approve of, then the commission will cost 10 GD, and the patch addition rule applies in the same way.

Average time it takes me to make a dream is a week at the longest.  Maybe some times, if I get really busy, it may take longer.

For examples, you can whisper me on the alt "Solanum" and I will take you to a few of my dreams.

I'm only taking a few at a time, since I don't like to feel rushed to complete a large number.

1. (Spot being held for Howlaween)


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Offline Pigeon

Re: Cheap Dreams!
«Reply #1: October 05, 2008, 06:58:17 PM»
I actually purchased a dream from this guy roughly a month ago, for the "I Have A Dream" price of 1 GD. Originally, I had just wanted an outside done. But progressively, things were added on; first a hallway, then a few rooms, even some DS thrown into the mix, all still for only 1 GD! He expected it to take only a few days, but as things happened, it got a bit longer, to about a month or so. He was very sincere and honest about everything, and even offered to let me keep the dream for free! But I paid him anyways. <3

Solanum's very clean with his designs, so you can expect to have a nice dream, at an affordable price, and a good time!