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Author Topic: Figurines/charms  (Read 459 times)

Offline holykarp

«: October 21, 2011, 10:32:28 PM»
Hey guys! c:

Welp, I'm offering sculpey figurines/charms. Check my Deviantart for examples! <3
! If you feel like you need more examples talk to me and I can get up some WIPs if that will help? uwu;;

Paypal only atm, sorry! ;~;
--pricing-- (not including shipping)
Regular figurines- $6-12 depending on complexity
It won't get above 10 unless it's crazy complex ;[. The examples on my DA are mainly these- heads are generally penny to nickel-sized, though I can do smaller if you'd like! Just note smaller /= cheaper, because they're just as hard to do!
Extra large- $12-20
Not accepting these right now. I don't have any examples up atm anyways so you probably don't want to commission one of these until you know what they look like! c:


other things-
I can usually get your figurine sculpted within a week depending on workload! Painting only takes one or two days.
Remember to let me know if you want a loopy thing (what are those even called) so he can be used as a charm/keychain! I won't put one on if you don't mention it and once he's baked I can't add one. :[
Let me know if you want any parts of him painted special (metallic, sparkly)?

eheheh, thanks for looking.
For the quickest response note me on DA, but you can also post here.