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Author Topic: Animate me? (PP/GD)  (Read 331 times)

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Animate me? (PP/GD)
«: October 22, 2011, 01:43:24 PM»
Ello ello, Im lookin for a few things right now, and Id like some Reasonable price ranges on these.

Animated port(s) of my character Foul. Anthro or feral are acceptable, female or male, acceptable. I have a good idea of what Id like for feral, and as for an anthro, I can form up something, but you will have abit of freedom, pending..
Groan: Also want an animated port for her.

Please feel free to whisper me InGame as Foul. Most likely best way of contact. I can offer PP, GD, Lifer maybe/spaces.

::ALSO!!!:: 8)
My friend has a bday commin up, and I would love to find a very good gore artist, who can be fairly creative. It would be a full body picture of 3 characters. I know this will be pricey, but hopefully I can find someone nice and all that who can do a good creative job. (If you have seen house on haunted hill, then you have a good start on where this would go with the addition of gore) 

I can offer GD/PP/Spaces, or what not.

Feel free to bump this, please post a few refs along with your price range. I check this through my fone, and dont feel like hittin a bunch of links. ^_^;;

Feel free to drop a whisper to Foul about any of the above, and for any refs.
Or whisper Slypher wiith any other questions (With the exception of price) which deals with the full body gore shot.

some refs.
<- Feral Foul
<- Anthro Female Foul
<- Refsheet Foul
Whisper for any details or alterations.

<- Groan (Whisper for details & alterations)
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