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Author Topic: full colour commissions starting @ 5$  (Read 449 times)

Offline clockwork

full colour commissions starting @ 5$
«: October 25, 2011, 09:40:40 AM»
yo. so i'm scaring up some funds.
i'm cool with drawing humans or furries, whatever floats your boat. i'll even draw a boat if you want. males, females, ferals, whatever. it's all good.

i colour using alcohol based markers, but if you'd prefer i bust out the tablet or coloured pencils or watercolours that's cool by me. just let me know.

anyway, here's the prices. the links lead to furaffinity but they're all safe for work.

__full body__
flat colour character - 14$ [example]
digital flat colour - 12$ [example]
detailed colour character -20$ [example]
with simple background - +5$  [example]
with complex background - +10-20$, but you'll hafta give me more info. [example]
additional characters - +5$ each

__bust shots__
flat colour character - 5$
digital flat colour - 5$
detailed colour character - 9$ [example]
addition characters - +5$ each

icons- 5$
tattoo designs - 10-20$ depending on complexity [example]
artist trading card (2.5x3.5 colour drawing with background) - 10$ [example]
comics - 50$ per page [example]
laminated conbadge - 20$

if you're interested at all i'd prefer if you did one of the following:
NOTE ME on DA or FA (my username on both is "not-fun")
WHISPER ME on furcadia (my username is clockwork)
or, EMAIL ME at [email protected]

i expect payment up front before i begin work, typically. but you're welcome to request sketches/progress information before you send payment.

cool? cool.


Offline clockwork

Re: full colour commissions starting @ 5$
«Reply #1: November 09, 2011, 10:13:20 AM»
just a light bump, here.  still open.