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Author Topic: Body Arts!  (Read 377 times)

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Body Arts!
«: October 25, 2011, 07:30:10 PM»
Okie doke, lookin for two things here!

My friend's birthday is commin up, and I want to get some art done up for him.
For this, I need someone who is very creative with gore, and is comfy doing such work.

This picture will contain a full total of 3 characters. Myown, Groan, my friend's, Slypher. And just some random person being tortured.
Id like a fairly reasonable price? >.o

I have a few ideas already in mind, though you will be given plenty of creative freedom. For any detains or questions, please whisper myself in game (Foul) or contact Slypher.

Second Thing1!
Im in the middle of creating an designing a new character. (Fawnling/Flox) And seeking someone to do some arts for her (A port too would be lovely) Please whisper for details, as she is still in production.

Ways of Contact:  FurCadia - Foul or Groan,  PM
Methods of Payment:  GD, PP, Lifers(pending)