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Author Topic: Seeking Animated Portist  (Read 409 times)

Offline Asiil

Seeking Animated Portist
«: October 27, 2011, 08:00:12 AM»
I need an artist to do 3 animated ports for me. The one I'd usually commision is closed to animateds at this time, unfortunately, so I'm looking for someone of similar skill to do them.

One of the ports is for a renaissance era serval in her battle-mage gear (which I'll provide info on) amidst a blasted, frozen wasteland with waves of kinetic energ around her.

The second needs to depict a woman transforming into a lycan form (full body if applicable).

The third and final is for the serval again, but a two-face cut of her. One side represents balance, the other fury (lol stereotypical, I know).

I am not looking for someone who gushes through thousands of ports in a week. I'm looking for a quality product. Now, if you're able to actually get that kind of level of professional work done in a relatively short amount of time, then by all means, reply to the thread! But bare in mind, I am also looking for someone who is mildly inexpensive or willing to cut a deal for a three-port package. If you're of these, contact too.

Post at least three samples of your animated works and contact information. I'll send those I'm interested in an email. Best skill, reputability, and price gets hired.

Please don't PM. If you're not willing to post publicly, I get suspicious of liability.
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Offline Neko Mizuno

Re: Seeking Animated Portist
«Reply #1: October 27, 2011, 09:24:59 AM»
I do animated ports. You can check out my examples at http://commissions.embermoss.com. I've only got two currently, though the next portrait commission I'll be finishing is animated if you want to wait for a third example.

They start at $38 for simple animations and go up depending on complexity. From the sound of what you're looking for, I'd probably ask for $38-42 for the first and last, and $60ish for the second one, but I'm open to discussion.

If you're interested, you can fill out my commission form at http://commissions.embermoss.com/create-commission. Hope to hear from you!

Offline Astra

Re: Seeking Animated Portist
«Reply #2: October 27, 2011, 03:07:30 PM»
Animation examples -

The middle and right ports were done for fun for myself, hence why they're just WIPs.

For remaps, I will animate them with this shading quality.

I keep recalling something about animated ports being remap-only, but if I'm wrong I can give you shading that looks more painted (but not as detailed as the example below), like this.

Or if you'd still prefer something more pixelated, I can do that too.

Here's my best recent example of my human women faces(she's a zombie, but you get the idea).

And here's an older example of my female anatomy (I don't have something more recent uploaded currently, but if you want more examples I can dig them out for you).

I have a base price of $10 and charge $1-$3 per frame depending on how complicated the animation is.

I have 3-4 commissions I have to get out of the way, but should have them all finished by next week.  If you decide you'd like to commission me, I'll close the rest of my slots and work only on yours until I've finished.

You can PM or reach me in-game as Astra.