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Author Topic: Koneko commissions  (Read 293 times)

Offline konekotsukino

Koneko commissions
«: October 27, 2011, 07:50:59 PM»
Hello everyone! My name is Konekotsukino and I am currently taking commissions. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask me.

You can find more of my art on my Deviant art

Prices are based around the drawing of just one character. Each drawing will either have no background or a simple background. A Complex Background and additional characters are considered extra's. If you would like to add a Complex background or additional characters to the picture, please consult the extra's section in each category for how much more it will be to add them in.

Sketches $3 (+$1 for each extra character, +$2 for color) [X] [X]  [X]  [X]

-Traditional Full body-
Line $7 [X] [X]
Simple Colored $10 [X] [X]
Detail Colored $20 [X]

-Traditional Bust-
Line $4 [X]
Simple Colored $7 [X]
Detail Colored $15

Complex Background: $5 [X] [X]
Characters: $5 per each additional character [X]

-Digital Full body-
Line(can be smooth or sketchy) $10 [X]
Flat Colored $15 [X]
Detail Colored $25 [X] [X]

-Digital Bust-
line $7
Flat colored $12
Detail colored $20 [X] [X]

Complex Background: $10 [X]
Characters: $5 per each additional character

Head shots $5 [X]
Icon's $7 [X] [X]
Non animated Furcadia Portraits $15 [X] [X]
Forms of payment accepted:
port spaces
Lifers (currently looking for a noble feline lifer and Panooki lifer.)
Contact information:
You can post here, pm, leave an offline whisper, note me on my Deviant art, or email me.
If you would like a faster response than it would be better to note me in DA or email me.