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Author Topic: $15 and under Character Sketches!  (Read 430 times)

Offline Katsura

$15 and under Character Sketches!
«: October 28, 2011, 06:01:35 PM»

What will I draw?
While I'm trying to get back into the swing of commissions again, I am only offering character sketches and chibi art.
x I can draw both humans and furries. I'm not very practiced with ferals but I'm willing to try!
x I will draw original characters but not licensed characters. I am okay with drawing your original character from a universe like World of Warcraft or Naruto for example, but I can't draw Tyrande or Sasuke.
x No porn guys, sorry!!

Chibis - $5 or 8GD [x]
Headshot Sketch - $8 or 11GD [x][x][x]
Bust/Waist Sketch - $12 or 15GD [x][x]
Fullbody Sketch - $15 or 18GD [x]

The Process
- Please send me the following details: your contact info, what kind of drawing you would like (whether it's a chibi or a headshot sketch, etc), and a character reference (or description if you don't have one).
- After I finish I will send you a preview. Let me know at this time if you want any revisions done.
- Once the drawing is all finished, please either send payment to my Paypal account or trade the GD to my character. Then, I will send you your completed drawing via note/email!

x batsuraboxen[at]aol.com
x Furcadia: Empath or Neroli
x Leave a comment below!

Other Examples
x DeviantART
x Furc Art Zone

I look forward to working with you!! :)
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