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Author Topic: Seeking: Reference Artist  (Read 431 times)

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Seeking: Reference Artist
«: October 29, 2011, 03:11:16 PM»
*Must be able to follow directions exactly.

The Character
Schmetterling is a combination of Butterfly, Dragon and Faerie. He's complicated due to the design being very specific. I am planning on using him in future role plays besides with just his creator. He has a site (www.schmet.webs.com) with all of his information on it. It's very detailed and has a lot of information (all except size, as I still need to add that in).

*Artist to create a reference sheet. (Must be able to follow direction exactly and complete within a decent time limit)
*Regular stages are they are drawn, MUST be shown to me first before you advance to the next stage.
(This limits the amount of changes which need to be made if anything is wrong)
*Once I am happy with a stage, please DO NOT change it unless you ask me first.

Drawn Reference
*This is a rough done on paper with an HB pencil, it serves as guide-lines

*Spider-webbing on wings (see though, lining of wings is indigo, webbing is purple)
*Vines wrapped around body (purple)
*Thorns on vines (Black)
*Body is light blueish (not too light)
*Elongated claws (black)
*Tip of tail and antennae (Dark purple)
*Eyes (Black/Indigo with light blue accents)
*Chest (Slightly lighter variation of fur)
*Teeth (Needle sharp, front four *top + bottom are longer then the others)
*Tongue (Forked, when feeding sharp pointed secondary tongue comes out between the two forks of the original tongue)
*Spines on back and head (Indigo)

*Will be via PayPal only.
*Will be negotiated upon speaking with, as well as your terms.

*Please DO NOT contact me on here as chances are, I will not see it.
Fie on Furcadia or [email protected] 


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Re: Seeking: Reference Artist
«Reply #1: December 17, 2011, 07:17:00 AM»
I am interested, my examples are here.