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Author Topic: FOUND ARTIST: Closed for now  (Read 320 times)

Offline Atroxi

FOUND ARTIST: Closed for now
«: October 30, 2011, 04:59:56 AM»
Ok. I'll keep this thread to update any time I have new characters who need ports.
The first is my anthro female corgi, Eiriwen:


The second is my feral male corgi, Urian:

Second Incorrect fur colors!
Third Incorrect piercings and eye color!

I'm looking to pay with Paypal, though I can get a hold of GD if I need to. $10 or less for now. But I am willing to look at more expensive art, I just won't have enough to pay for more than that until Nov. 10th.
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Offline Neko Mizuno

Re: Looking for two corgi Ports, Anthro and Feral
«Reply #1: October 30, 2011, 02:12:46 PM»
Hi there! You can check out my examples/prices at http://commissions.embermoss.com. I charge $19 for ports, but considering my current queue, I'd be fine with waiting until after the 10th if you decide to commission me.

If I fit within your style/price range, feel free to submit a commission request on my site at http://commissions.embermoss.com/create-commission. Hope to hear from you! <3