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Author Topic: VORP PORTRAIT CONTEST  (Read 615 times)

Offline Quietfaceplz

«: October 30, 2011, 09:57:27 AM»
I'm looking for someone to do me a nonremap portrait for my new character Feeder whom is a vorp, if you haven't seen Shaishot's new species then go check it out here http://shaishot.deviantart.com/art/Vorps-266074507

No, I do not plan to pay more than maybe 10GD/7PP on this portrait, so if you want to make me spend 50bux on your portrait, please go to another thread.

There will be ONE winner, that's it. Numero uno will get the GD/PP


Feeder - http://rflywing.deviantart.com/art/Feeder-266190813

To those of you just looking at the thread because you're interested in what a vorp is.
NO his tribal markings ARE NOT and WILL NOT be allowed to be used on others, at least not the markings that are on his fur nor the bone color. The blood splatters on his skin you ARE welcome to use if you decide to create your own vorp with "Feeder" markings, as "Feeder" Is my own version of a tribal marked Vorp.


Like I said, NON-REMAP. I do not want to fiddle with remaps of this character as his colors do not match up with furcadia colors anyway.

You can do as many ports as you want, I'd prefer them all digital as honestly I'd imagine him having a pixel portrait would definitely cost a bundle <:

No, I don't just want a picture of his face staring out at me or out to the side as a portrait either, give me some creativity and you just might win.

If in any way you do some badass portrait of him standing off a cliff, you might just win.

If you do anything that results in a reason as to why his face would / should be splattered in blood like in his design in your portrait, you just might win.

THIS CONTEST WILL END NOVEMBER 20TH unless I end up getting very little entries or someones just sparks my interest really well then I WILL end the contest. EVERY PORTRAIT THAT I DO NOT PICK IS MINE TO KEEP, you may not edit it in any way shape or form or use it for your own alt or sell it. Feeder's Design is MINE and MINE alone.
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