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Author Topic: Help with port BG  (Read 740 times)

Offline Rex T-Rex

Help with port BG
«: October 31, 2011, 07:36:03 PM»
OK, been working on this for a while, it's for my character Anku.
He's a demon that posed a human (basically sicne the whole story si ridiculously long). Th weird hand in the corner is part of his true form.

I'm having major issues with the BG... I just can't seem to get anything to look right.

His themes include:
the color red
ice pops
medals (the 3 core medals ont he side of the screen are staying, I love them)

Rght now i tried a fire bg but it just looks too busy. Would anyone like to throw out some ideas?
I really want to finish this port so I can upload it to him.
Here's his desc:
A constant smug look decorated his face, offset by his thick dark eyelashes and piercing eyes. Orange hair lapped over to one side with a tight braid bolstering the parting line to keep his locks in their place. He wore a white jacket, with one red sleeve and black tee. The vibrant red of his pants matched that of the strange demonic "glove" that covered his right hand and arm. A bird motif, with green and gold trim, black claws, and a pair of small wings that sprouted from the top of the arm piece. Despite his attitude towards people, his greatest desire is to become human.
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