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Author Topic: $5 dolla make you holla  (Read 556 times)

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$5 dolla make you holla
«: November 01, 2011, 03:00:35 AM»
Are you looking for some moderately quality works for a fair price?

I think I could be of service to you.

I don't often come around here looking for clients, but what the hell, i'll give it a shot.

Most of my art is featured via my furaffinity account, however, I do post some sketches or doodles over here from time to time.

The type of art I'm offering to you is as follows, along with pricing:
Plain Sketch - $1
Colored lineart, simple.
*add flat colors for .50

Refined Doodle
- $3
Often a waist-up, but can be full-body. Flat colors /w a background.

'The Works'
- $5*
Waist-up to Full body, some shading. Comes in two styles:

*price may vary depending on the subject and style chosen.

I've been working on producing more works similar to my last example, and if you choose The Works, it's most likely what you will receive if you commission me.

On the subject of accepted payments, I will only accept Paypal.
(Those who intend to pay with e-checks need not apply.)

I take payment as soon as the commission is confirmed, so please have payment on hand if you intend to commission me.

Furthermore, I have some terms and conditions here that you must read before commissioning me.

As I do not play furc anymore, attempting to contact me there under any known alts will bring you no results.

E-mail is the best route for you, or FAM if you're an active user.

For any potential inquiries or general questions about commissions, you are free to email me at vomitshermind[AT]gmail.com

You can also ask me here in this thread, but I'll be rather slow to reply.


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Re: $5 dolla make you holla
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Re: $5 dolla make you holla
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Re: $5 dolla make you holla
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