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Author Topic: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange - Entries closed! - Names Posted!  (Read 5862 times)

Offline Farren

Everyone should have their names now, sent to them by Azoth666!
Please check your PM's and get back to me if you didn't get a name to draw!

Names and Collage are Now posted!
Check the end/third page of this thread to see them!

Entries are now closed! The afternoon of the fourth is when the name drawing will be. The best time to come see who you got is the evening or later.

I almost forgot about this, then saw another group on deviantart mentioning their secret santa, and was like 'Oh!' then ran off to FAZ.

I'm a bit sickly right now, so bear with me if I make any mistakes.

So here we go:

"For those who don't know, Secret Santa is basically when a bunch of people put their names in, and then names are drawn for each person. In real life, you'd get a gift for the person who's name was drawn for you. On FAZ, you'll make a portrait of their character.

    *   *   *


Each portrait should be 95x95 pixels or it looks weird when the recipient tries to upload it. Most people will likely want remap, but be prepared for nonremap, as well. This is an art exchange. Please do not expect to get a port space to upload your portrait in from us or anyone who enters. Getting a space for the port you receive is your priority.

Only one entry is allowed per person. So choose the character you want ported wisely.

Artists of any level can participate, so don't be scared away from this if you think kindergartners draw better than you do (chances are you're wrong, anyways xP ).  It'll be much more interesting, in fact, if artists of all levels of creativity and style enter.

Only post if you are serious about this. Don't post if you don't think you can get your entry done by december 25th. However, if you enter thinking you'll have time, and it comes up that you won't, please send me a pm stating as much and I'll try to work something out with you. Also, please don't post just to get a free port, without expecting to have to make one yourself. That's not fair to the person who's name you get.

Put in your best effort. As it says in previous secret santa threads, 'don't half-ass it'. We expect the best work you can muster. If you want a good port, you should likewise make a good port.

Don't get mad if, when December 25th comes around, you get a port of lesser quality than you wanted! As stated, this is artists for all levels of talent, so enter expecting crayon scribbles so as not to get your expectations too high.

That's it for now as far as rules. However, they may change or be added to if I find it's needed.

                                                         *   *   *

November 2nd: Entries Open.
December 1st: Entries Closed (please do NOT ask to be entered after this date).
December 4th: Names Drawn.
December 25th: Names (who port'd who) posted.
December 25th-31st: Portraits due! You have until New Year's Eve to give the port you made to the person it's intended for (and send me a copy so I can post a collage of the entries). Names of those who don't send in ports will be made note of.

 *   *   *

Entry Form:

You post here to enter, and you must have this in your post! Please, original characters only. It's fine if they're inspired from an existing character, but nobody wants to have to face copyright issues over the holidays.

Character Name: (What do you call yourself?)
Remap or Nonremap: (If remap, please provide a colorstring. A separate form will be provided below for Nonremap, and for those Remappable people who just want to say what remap color goes to what part of their character.)
Gender: (Male? Female? Hermaphrodite? It? Difficult to tell? Etc?)
Age: (Older than dirt? Young punk? Provide a numerical answer, please.)
Species: (Canine? Feline? Hippopotamus? Banana?)
Anthro or Ferian: (2 legs? 4? 6? ... 42??)
Traits: (Anything odd we should know about your character?)
Markings: (Stripes? Spots? Embarrassing Tattoos you got when you were drunk? And uh... where on the body?)
Extras: (Jewelry, accessories, scars, wings, etc.)
Clothing: (What's your character wearing?)
Expression: (Do your character smile? Frown? Leer creepily?)
Likes: (What does your character like to do, eat, drink, etc? Anything your character is obsessed with in a good way?)
Dislikes: (What does your character hate to do, eat, drink, etc? Or doesn't like others doing?)
Where are you likely to see them: (where does your character like to hang out?)
Miscellaneous: (Anything not covered in the above, put here. Anything of particular note, or a short description maybe.)
References: (Please link to an image - or images - of the character or the character's species. Do not post the actual picture(s) here, as it takes those on slower connections much too long to load them all.)
Site: (If your character has a site, please poste it!)
Contact Information: (Where do you want the portrait sent? Or where can you be contacted for information?)
What is your 'Artist Alias': (What name do you usually work under, or go by?)
Personal Gallery Link: (If you have your own site, or a gallery on a site like dA, please post a link! Pimp yahself, yo *acts all gangster*)
Highest Rating: (How high of a rating will you want your port to have? Teen+? M+?)
Animation: (Do you want your port animated? Please note: Even if you say yes, the artist still has the choice not to animate it.)

(optional, for help with non-remap ports, or people who can't provide or don't trust colorstrings for some reason or another)


                                                         *   *   *

Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to PM me with any concerns you may have."

                                                         *   *   *

Yes, I did just copy/paste all that from last year's thread. Also, I know I said that I'd make a list of people who never made their submissions last year.... but I forgot to. Sorry. If anyone who entered last year and didn't get a port has the name of the person who was supposed to make that port, I'll put together the list and post it here. So far only one person is on the list, though.

                                                          *   *   *

List of entries/characters:

1. Farren/Shiroi Tsuki
2. Choccy/Kaytlin
3. Wyllo Taleweaver/Amy Subset 392
4. CC/Asian
5. Allizia/Ziam
6. Greybird/greybird
7. Rhonda/Noir
8. Kels/Zolof
9. Dibit/Blacktip
10. Migoto/Migoto
11. disducibus/Hramn
12. Charissa/Lilly Screams
13. Djali/Djali
14. Pastor/Cherenkov
15. Archery/Asteroid
16. Bronach/Bronach
17. Dask/Dask
18. Talezya/Talezya
19. Juanita/Prophet
20. Zim/Zim
21. Lin/Sionae
22. Kaylour/Tiky
23. Pong/Pong
24. Candra/Candra
25. Kira/Kira
26. Storm Tundra/Vieille
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Offline Farren

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #1: November 02, 2011, 01:18:33 PM»
Character Name: Shiroi Tsuki
Remap or Nonremap: Non-Remap
Gender: Male
Age: Maybe late 20's or early 30's.
Species: Canine/Wolf
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro
Traits: He's kind of a drifter.
Markings: He has faint blue-white markings dusted over his fur.
Extras: None.
Clothing: blue-white leather boots with silver soles, blue-white silk pants, baggy-sleeved white linen shirt with silver trim, stiff blue vest with silver piping, transparent blue tattered cape with silver trim.
Expression: Roguish smile or grin.
Likes: Nighttime, the full moon, soft piano music, nightblooming flowers.
Dislikes: Daytime, sunlight, the dark of the moon.
Where are you likely to see them: At night, anywhere, as long as the moon is out.
Miscellaneous: He's a lunamancer, and draws his power from moonlight. In his case, lunamancy means he's really good at weaving light into illusions. He doesn't like the dark of the moon, because it turns him into a monstrous creature. He also has a feral white wolf form, and a white flying fox bat form.
References: http://www.furcartzone.com/index.php?action=gallery;sa=view;id=16391
Site: http://shiroi-tsuki.webs.com/
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Farren, or Farren Dustfur
Personal Gallery Link: http://mercyful-fate.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: T+
Animation: Artist's choice! Don't really need an animated one, but it'd be neat.


Eyes: Golde Yellow
Hair: White
Fur: White
Markings: Blue-white. Hard to see against his white fur.
Vest: dark blue with silver piping
Cape: Dark blue with silver trim
Trousers: Blue-white
Bracers: None, has long sleeves instead.
Boots: Blue-white with silver soles.
Badge: None.

Offline Choccy

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #2: November 02, 2011, 05:53:00 PM»
Character name; Kaytlin
Remap or non-remap? Non-remap please! ;D
Age: Kaytlin is 15, I'm 13. XD
Species: Koi & Eastern Dragon
Anthro or ferian; Anthro, two legs. XD
Traits; Forgiving, Kind hearted, Responsible, High self esteem.
Markings; None.
Extras; Has a rather beautiful tail, horns which wrap around her head and look like a headband and her ears are slightly water dragon like.
Clothing; She usually wears her blue and green kimono which is short a features a floral print. She sometimes wears a yellow silky long armed top, with kimono like arms and daisies around the neck line, which would be accompanied by a short denim skirt either her cherished gold teddy bear chain which has been passed through her family, or her pendant given by the water spirits.
Expression; A shy sort of cute smile.
Likes; Flowers, Nature, Anything water related, Candy, Gaming consoles.
Dislikes; Dull things, Brussels sprouts, bad things really. 
Where are you likely to see them; In a small meadow or somewhere really spring and full of flowers.
Miscellaneous; Her hair can be up in any hairstyle, it doesn't really matter lol. And, she is a water goddess meaning she can use the power of water and such, if you get me? ;L
References; http://i39.tinypic.com/2lsh65j.jpg, http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/299476_2522302383848_1441982273_2882295_391133934_n.jpg?
Site: Not one yet ;)
Contact information; [email protected] 
What is your artist alias?; SophiaJayne really. ;3
Personal gallery link; I really only store my art on Facebook. xD
Highest rating; T+
Animation; I would adore an animated port so much! ;D


I didn't think I would fill this bit out because I figured my references had enough detail and such. ;)

Offline Wyllo Taleweaver

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #3: November 02, 2011, 06:44:47 PM»
Character Name: Amy Subset 392
Remap or Nonremap: Remap, with bangs done up in pants/bracer/cape, artist's choice. Colours: t-%+(:#,);9#&$
Gender: Female
Age: 40 million years, appears 25-30.
Species: Canine - Dalmatian/Spotted Hyena cross (Hyenamatian!)
Anthro or Ferian: Plantigrade Anthro (AKA human feet)
Traits: Eyes sometimes glow softly, especially when she's thinking hard. Also capable of shapeshifting, though it's rarely used.
Markings: Muzzle and ears are solid marking, everywhere else is just spots! Also, underbelly is lighter coloured and spot-free.
Extras: Engagement ring on left hand, sometimes has holographic 'fairy wings'. Also carries a stun pistol (looks much like a 9mm pistol) and a scanner (think Star Trek Tricorder)
Clothing: Terran Confederation of Systems uniform, modified with the Amy Complex logo instead of the TCS emblem over the right chest. Namebar just says '392'. Also wears a red turtleneck shirt. (see refsheet)
Expression: A shy smile would fit perfectly.
Likes: Coffee, pleasant conversation, everything to be fairly ordered and running smoothly (she's a logistics specialist)
Dislikes: Earthquakes, aggressive people.
Where are you likely to see them: General sci-fi, starships and laser guns. :)
Miscellaneous: 392 is one of about 400 fully-sentient (plus about 800 sub-sentient 'base process') Amys that are fragments of a much larger synthetic intelligence. She's got her own personality and likes, but it's all based on the 'core' Amy.
References: Refsheet.         More general shot, featuring her wings.
Site: Site for the Amy Complex in general. 392's specifics are on the "Description and Bio" page.
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': toasterpip
Personal Gallery Link: DeviantART FurAffinity
Highest Rating: No higher than Teen please.
Animation: If the artist would like, but not necessary.

Offline Asia

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #4: November 02, 2011, 07:24:24 PM»
Character Name: Asian
Remap or Nonremap: I want it remap, there's no remap for her yet. I don't care what you remap her as really.
Gender: FEMLAE
Age: 18
Species: She's a feline
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro
Traits: She has a pair of wings on her tail/bum, yes. she can fly with them, they just grow huge when she wants to fly, her small wings (she usually has the small pair of wings on) are able to fly but usually her bum in the high. LOL~
Markings: She has three hearts down her LEFT leg, ONE heart on the back of her neck
Extras: She can wear ANYTHING but her usual outfit are on her site. She usually has her stuff rabbit, listening/texting/playing/phoning someone on her iphone.
Clothing: She wears SHORTSHORTS where you can't see them/UNDIES when she's lazy to put her shorts on, she has high socks, boots and a rabbit hoodie with a pink scarf. Shown in her ref.
Expression: Usual cute and innocent, but she as a sassy sexy side too.
Likes: She likes anything Asian. Like hello kitty, anime, manga, pocky etc.
Dislikes: Rude people.
Where are you likely to see them: Japan, korea. OR FURCADIA PLACES, Canine Secrets.
Miscellaneous: She can wear anything you want her to wear, have her hair up or down, curly or whatever. AS LONG AS SHE HAS HER HAIR CLIPS, BOW ON HER TAIL AND TATTOOS ON HER.
References: http://asian-hime.webs.com/Asian/Asiande.png
Site: http://asian-hime.webs.com/
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': I'm usually known as "Emmy" I sign everything under that name. I have the alt but I rarely go on her. I'm usually on Cherie.
Personal Gallery Link: http://yayzeh.deviantart.com/
Highest Rating: T+ please.
Animation: If you're up for it sure. If you do it and I like it, I'll give you a gift for your hard work. (:

If it's nonremap, just use the ref. If you're gonna change her outfit, then keep everything else (color wise) the same!

Remap? Lol... Uhhh. I don't have a remap for her. Sorry broskie, you're just gonna have to wing it or this...

Eyes: Eyes
Hair: Hair
Fur: Skin + Wings
Markings: Heart Tattoo + Bow on tail
Vest: Sweater (Purple)
Cape: Sweater (Black)
Trousers: Socks + Shortshort + Undie
Bracers: Highlights in hair
Boots: Boots
Badge: Eyes

Offline Allizia

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #5: November 02, 2011, 07:36:55 PM»
Character Name: Ziam
Remap or Nonremap: Non-remap preffered
Gender: Male, feminin built
Age: 20
Species: Feline
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro, two legs
Traits: Main tail is normal feline, end is as bushy as a fox
Markings: Hard to explain, see refs
Extras: None, he's still a wip
Clothing: Usually nude, sometimes wears short shorts, black
Expression: Shy smile or worry
Likes: Likes to read, camp, get petted, be loved on, he's a regualer pussy cat
Dislikes: Hates being hurt, hates being called back, hates baths
Where are you likely to see them: Outside, with a glass of milk, or by a fire
Miscellaneous: He is a shy little tom. 5' 4", 101 LBS
References: Halfbody, Headshot Hair in headshot is wrong.
Site: None yet
Contact Information: My dA, or my email: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Allizia
Personal Gallery Link: Furaffinity, dA
Highest Rating: Any is fine, even M+
Animation: No thank you

I think my refs cover the colors well enough.
I sell cheap art and ports for GD
PM me if interested

Offline Akealia

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #6: November 02, 2011, 09:58:54 PM»
Character Name: greybird
Remap or Nonremap: Non-Remap
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Species: Canine/Wolf
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro and feral? lmao
Traits: I don't know?
Markings: pastel rainbows everywhere oh my oh and grey jaguar markings too.
Extras: None.
Clothing:as seen on ref, but can whatever too.
Expression: Always chipper and hyper
Likes: flowers, Pastel rainbows, music, raves, dancing, singing, flying really fast like rainbowdashwhat.
Dislikes: rude people
Where are you likely to see them: day dreaming on her cloud
References: Click here  Another ref Feral ref
 back of hair ref
(Feral form doesn't have to have the white hair)
Site: N/A
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': greybird/greyburd
Personal Gallery Link: http://greyburd.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: T+
Animation: Artist's choice! Don't really need an animated one, but it'd be neat.


Eyes: light blue almost silver
Hair: White
Fur: grey
Markings: some darker grey markings
Vest: idk
Cape: idk
Trousers: idk
Bracers: grey
Boots: dark grey
Badge: None.
Rainbows are nonreamp.
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Offline Rhonda

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #7: November 03, 2011, 11:39:49 AM»
Character Name: Noir
Remap or Nonremap: nonremap
Gender: female
Age: 5
Species: canine
Anthro or Ferian: ferian..? feral.. are they the same?
Traits: no lower jaw lolol
Markings: none
Extras: porcupine quill necklace is optional.
Clothing: fur!
Expression: creepy/scary/goof.
Likes: peanut butter lmaooo, sleeping
Dislikes: annoying characters
Where are you likely to see them: SWAMP
Miscellaneous: noir is all black. just black. no shading no nothing. only things that have colour are her eyes, mouth, necklace and her nose/nails/dew claws are a lighter shade of black.
References: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2011/235/9/d/dunno_what_to_do__by_adnohrr-d47n238.png
Site: --
Contact Information: [email protected] or PM me here.
What is your 'Artist Alias': Rhonda
Personal Gallery Link: www.adnohrr.deviantart.c om
Highest Rating: ...idk lol
Animation: nooo.

shes just plain black lol. ref states it all.

Offline deadaccount eh?

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #8: November 04, 2011, 12:18:45 PM»
Character Name: Zolof
Remap or Nonremap: Non Please <3
Gender: Female
Age: Teen around 16 human years 2 dog years
Species: Sparkle Dog
Anthro or Ferian: ferian
Traits: She likes needles and basically anything sharp O.o
Markings: She has alot of markings but a good amount of art so you can most likely see all her markings there! She also has different sets of markings you get to choose which ones youd like to do.
Extras: Sometimes has a necklace, and a bridge and lip pericings.
Clothing: N/A
Expression: Usually pretty happy puts on a fake smile though ;D
Likes: Sharp objects (razor blades etc) fall and winter, coffee, and monster.
Dislikes: too hot or too cold, annoying people, complaining, fire.
Where are you likely to see them: (where does your character like to hang out?)
Miscellaneous: Not really x:
http://i.imgur.com/5RjFV.png (Choice one of design on back)
http://i.imgur.com/RXsMv.png (Choice two of design on back)
http://i.imgur.com/FOzub.png (Summer Zolof)
Any of them are fine she has many different versions feel free to use any of them ;D
Site: http://zolof.webs.com
Contact Information:
Bingo @ dA
Zolof @ Furc
Kels @ FAM and FAZ
What is your 'Artist Alias': bingo, kels
Personal Gallery Link: www.bingo.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: anything is fine but lets say pref. everyone can see it like its allowable in like AI and stuff
Animation: Whatever your heart desires :>

(Any chance I could be matched with a feral character? x: I'm horid at anthro but i'll try anyway XDD)
Contact on Spill<3

Offline Farren

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #9: November 04, 2011, 01:55:03 PM»
(Any chance I could be matched with a feral character? x: I'm horid at anthro but i'll try anyway XDD)

The person you get will be totally random.

Offline deadaccount eh?

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #10: November 04, 2011, 02:23:37 PM»
(Any chance I could be matched with a feral character? x: I'm horid at anthro but i'll try anyway XDD)

The person you get will be totally random.

Mkay x:
Contact on Spill<3

Offline Dibit

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #11: November 05, 2011, 07:35:40 AM»
Character Name: Blacktip
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap please
Gender: Male
Age: 16 Years
Species: Blacktip Shark
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro
Traits: Easily annoyed, unsociable, bad loser, lazy.
Markings: Markings relate to that of a Blacktip shark, best reference is from images.
Extras: Always wears headphones, Design is up to artist
Clothing: Either beach or swim wear. Design up to artist
Expression: Either an annoyed look or content/happy.
Likes: Gaming, technology, music, food, swiming, being left alone.
Dislikes: Being pushed into things he doesn't want to do, being teased (espeically by Silvertip), working hard, girly girls and hot girls.
Where are you likely to see them: At home playing games, on the beach or at an nightclub/danceclub djing.
Miscellaneous: Works part-time as a DJ at local clubs and bars.
References: click me
Site: Site here
Contact Information: Pm me here or on my da
What is your 'Artist Alias': Dibit
Personal Gallery Link: da
Highest Rating: Teen+
Animation: No thank you :3
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Offline Migoto

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #12: November 05, 2011, 11:55:02 PM»
Character Name: Migoto
Remap or Nonremap: I never change my colors, so nonremap is best. You can do remap if it's what you feel more comfortable doing. :)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Feline (domesticated(
Anthro or Ferian: Either, I'll provide both refs.
Traits: She LOVES bacon. baconbaconbacon. And she's just a wee bit hyperactive. Just a wee bit. ;)
Markings: No unusual markings besides typical tabby cat stripes.
Extras: Optional modern-day clothing?
Clothing: Never really made an outfit for Migoto, so it's optional, but I generally prefer modern type clothing such as hoodies, jeans, t-shirts/tanktops, and nothing with frills or lace, or overly goth/hipster. (Eesh, is there anything in between?)
Expression: She's very playful and flirty, and a little mischevious...
Likes: Bacon, boys, soft fuzzy things, Dubstep (WUBWUBWUB), her bearded dragon Damien*...
Dislikes: Injustice, Dramaqueens, mushrooms, sweets (cake, pie, etc), MAKEUP.
Where are you likely to see them: Sparkling Falls, generally anywhere a tiny green catten can curl up on.
Miscellaneous: *She loveloveloves her wee little beardie, Damien, and refuses to go anywhere without her. ref1 ref2 ref3 (Yes she's real). Also, in the anthro refs her hair has a billion different short styles, but I think I'm going to change it to long wavy hair. It doesn't really matter.
References: Feral Anthro
Site: www.migoto.webs.com Pretty much everything's on there.
Contact Information: Furcadia's the quickest; [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Migoto
Personal Gallery Link: www.mowf.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: Eh, not higher than T+, and E8 would be ideal so I could flash it anywhere, but I'll still accept T+.
Animation: Preferrably not.

Offline nachtzehren

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #13: November 08, 2011, 08:07:09 AM»
Character Name: Hramn

Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap

Gender: male

Age: early to mid-thirties

Species: Human merged with Corax and Dread Creature dna

Anthro or Ferian: humanoid

Traits: quick-tempered, crude, blunt

Markings: n/a


Clothing: see reference sheet, usually practical clothing akin to leather coats, tunics, pants etc

Expression: scowling ,angry

Likes: weapons, sparring, ravens, crows, fighting, alcohol

Dislikes: ... pretty much everything else

Where are you likely to see them: TGT

Miscellaneous: He's a mercenary

References: http://www.rprepository.com/c/hramn/10034

Site: http://www.rprepository.com/c/hramn

Contact Information:
disducibus @ faz, fam, deviantart, furaffinity
Hramn, Trial, Skyclad @ in-game

What is your 'Artist Alias': disducibus

Personal Gallery Link: http://disducibus.deviantart.com

Highest Rating: Any

Animation: No
(faz/fam/da/rpr) spellplague

Offline Mido

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #14: November 08, 2011, 03:40:21 PM»
Character Name: Lilly Screams
Remap or Nonremap: non remap please
Gender: female
Age: 21
Anthro or Ferian: anthro
Traits: look at ref sheet
Markings: a heart on her right ass cheek
Extras: 6 piercings in each ear each 1 color of the rainbow
Clothing:refr sheet http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/832/lillyscreams1500.png/
Expression: any kind you wanna draw on her
Likes:raves and glowy things
Dislikes: ref sheet
Where are you likely to see them: at a rave
Miscellaneous: n/a
References: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/832/lillyscreams1500.png/
Site: n/a
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias':lilly screams or alizabethshepherd
Personal Gallery Link: www.furaffinity.net/user/alizabethshepherd
Highest Rating:M+
Animation: nah

Offline Djali

Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #15: November 09, 2011, 12:51:34 AM»
Character Name: Djali
Remap or Nonremap: Preferably remap, but doesn't matter. ( t0-$=%,;@4<#%š )
Gender: Female
Age: Appears early-mid 20's
Species: Eurasian Lynx
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro
Traits: Has spikes lining her spine that are under skin but rarely exposed, alcohol abuser, crude, vulgar
Markings: Thick stripes falling from under eyes to under jaw, tips of ears - hands up to elbow - feet up to knees all darker colour from rest,  "DROP DEAD" tattooed on knuckles, . 666 . on her left upper arm, and . 13 . on the right. Traditional spider web tattoo on the side of her neck
Extras: has her septum and cheeks pierced, ears stretched - always has a black eye, random cuts/scars all over body
Clothing: lace bra under a spiked denim vest and shorts with combat boots
Expression: Usually some smug/sarcastic grin type look or "I'm going to beat you" glare.
Likes: Booze, hands down. Fighting, stealing, manipulating whoever she can for her own benefit, tattoos/tattooing
Dislikes: People who get in her way, losing, not having money or booze
Where are you likely to see them: A bar, anywhere dark. Furcadia: TGT
References: http://i51.tinypic.com/f406bp.png
Contact Information: PM here or whisper on Djali
What is your 'Artist Alias': Djali
Personal Gallery Link: DA hoeseidon.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: Doesn't matter
Animation: That'd be cool but, I don't care.

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Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #16: November 10, 2011, 09:05:13 PM»
Character Name: Cherenkov
Remap or Nonremap: Slight nonremap preference. Her hair remaps to that turquoise color with no good shades, so take that into account? o:
Gender: Female.
Age: Late twenties, early thirties.
Species: She's your basic feline with a huge fluffy tail.
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro.
Traits: Her face is more human than kitty.
Markings: Lighter blue than her other fur on part of her face and down her front as well as the tip of her tail and the base of her tail; also, she's got light blue eyeshadow. (See the ref below!)
Extras: Dangly earrings (don't have to be shown), arrow necklace (see ref).
Clothing: Short dress with black leggings and funky heels (see ref!)
Expression: She can be smiling or smug or placid. Doesn't hugely matter.
Likes: Physics, arguing with String Theorists, experiments, cocktail parties, Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Dislikes: Classless people and things, the color red.
Where are you likely to see them: Labs, libraries, places of historical significance, outdoors, in a posh apartment, near a city skyline. You don't have to put a background if you don't want!
Miscellaneous: Just go by the ref if in doubt!
References: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/274/2/4/cherenkov_is_mostly_harmless_by_bral_da_arcku-d4bgbgt.png
Site: http://www.wix.com/noisemerchant/characters#!cherenkov <---- just a place to show the three images I have for her, idk.
Contact Information: [email protected] would be the best place to email me!
What is your 'Artist Alias': Kyla is the name I've gone by for years on Furc.
Personal Gallery Link: http://bral-da-arcku.deviantart.com/ is my dA.
Highest Rating: Whatever you like. If you show her nude, her nipples are that gorgeous light blue turquoise-y color that's so popular right now. I'd rather you not, but that's if you must. @[email protected]
Animation: You don't have to! <3

Colors (you don't have to use this if you're doing a nonremap!):

Eyes: Eyes
Hair: Hair
Fur: Fur
Markings: Markings
Vest: Basic dress background color
Cape: the detailing on the dress (the v shapes)
Trousers: Trousers
Bracers: Earrings if you put them
Boots: Boots AND the top of the dress (the black straps)

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Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #17: November 18, 2011, 09:02:06 PM»
Here you are, Farren. :P

Character Name:

Remap or Nonremap:
Either one.


Young ADult

Unicorn / Dragon (Either/or)

Anthro or Ferian:
Either one. This is up to the artist to decide which is prefered!

She's extremely submissive.

Please refer to reference sheets.

Wears jewelry ONLY when in anthro form. Please refer to references for jewelry.

Clothed only in anthro form. Refer to references.

She's shy, timid, submissive and sweet.  So anything that encompasses that sort of expression = her all over!

Music, children, sunshine


Where are you likely to see them:
Tropical locations

Anthro Unicorn / Feral Dragon
Port Remap Reference / Anthro

Contact Information:
E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: ArcheryFiend

What is your 'Artist Alias':

Personal Gallery Link:

Highest Rating:
Any rating is fine. Even mature.

No preference.


Eyes: Eyes
Hair: Hair/Mane/Elbow Fluff
Fur: Scales/Fur (Dithered with vest)
Markings: Light Grey markings
Vest: Scales/Fur (Dithered with Fur)
Cape: White markings
Trousers: Clothing
Bracers: Earrings
Boots: Chopsticks in hair bun

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Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #18: November 18, 2011, 11:05:57 PM»
Character Name: Bronach
Remap or Nonremap: Either one is fine, and if it is remap then the color string is:  t%8,(H11<;$#+_
Gender: Female
Age: 20something
Species: Phoenix
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro
Traits: Cheerful, helpful
Markings: n/a
Extras: Scythe pendant, headband
Clothing: Any style of green top and if the skirt is seen something like this http://sharpe-designs.com/images/catDS%20SK%205607.JPG
Expression: Friendly, happy
Where are you likely to see them: Anywhere outdoors
References: http://freewebs.com/bronach/phoenix.htm http://binkari.deviantart.com/gallery/23888124#/d2gmzqf
Site: http://bronach.furocity.com/
Contact Information: [email protected]
What is your 'Artist Alias': Bronach
Personal Gallery Link: http://bronach.sheezyart.com/
Highest Rating: E8+
Animation: If you want to, if not that’s fine too

Fur = Black (Fur/Feathers)
Hair = Mahogany (Hair)
Eyes = Light Blue (Eyes)
Badge = Tragic Gray
Markings = White (Part of wings)
Bracers = Spring Green (Part of wings)
Vest = Spring Green (Shirt)
Trousers = Horse Brown (Skirt if seen)
Boots = Black
Cape = Light Mule

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Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #19: November 19, 2011, 01:22:19 AM»
Character Name: Dask
Remap or Nonremap: Preferably non-remap, but if you can't do that remap is OK. t,(,=,$($($$##
Gender: male
Age: 4 (he's a child pretty much)
Species: wingless dragon
Anthro or Ferian: Walks on two legs
Traits: Strangely enough this dragon does not spit fireballs, but electroballs
Markings: no extra markings other than those seen in the refs
Extras: nope
Clothing: naked
Expression: silly toothy grin
Likes: Tin, cookies
Dislikes: does not like raw meat or strong smells, or made fun of about his height
Where are you likely to see them: a field of dandelions is his preferred spot, however he can be seen pretty much anywhere. Wanderer.
Miscellaneous: He is a scaly dragon with toughs of fur and fluff, most of which are on top of his head and neck.
Face and face-scales much like that of a fat tailed/leopard gecko's. http://thezootoyou.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/leopard-gecko.jpg
References: http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc66/Ooi-furcadia/dask_kun_dragon_reference_by_affanita-d3jhx1y.jpg
Site: n/a
Contact Information: [email protected]
Dask @Furcadia
Kongou @Furcadia
What is your 'Artist Alias': Dask
Personal Gallery Link: www.dask-kun.deviantart.com
Highest Rating: Teen
Animation: only if it's cute

Remap Colors: (according to the refs given)
Markings=dark burgundy
Bracers=the 2 tail spines
color in eyes=non-remap bright green & green
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Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #20: November 19, 2011, 05:35:59 AM»
Character Name: Talezya

Remap or Nonremap: Remap, Please! t$);,9=7.,?$%#

Gender: Male!

Age: 17

Species: Drakat (Dragon-come-feline)

Anthro or Ferian: Anthro or Feral! :).

Traits: Talezya is a smart character, and is never really seen doing something silly.

Markings: Nothing really prominent! The scales under his tail are marking-coloured.

Extras: Talezya has horns curling around his ears, dragon / bat like wings and a dragon's tail. The rest of him is feline and fluffy :).

Clothing: Talz wears either formal clothing, or baggy clothing; mainly a hooded jumper and jeans.

Expression: Talz is a teenager; he has ever emotion available to him. Sometimes, he can be happyface, and sometimes, he can be sadface. But I'll leave that to you!

Likes: Talz loves to fly, play in the garden, read and play games such as chess.

Dislikes: He hates being in public.

Where are you likely to see them: Usually in the garden, in his bedroom, in the library or at the top of a cliff looking over the sea.

Miscellaneous: Talz has short hair and is often seen wearing an emerald amulet.

References: Here and Here (Anthro). Here (Feral).

Site: Here

Contact Information: Either contact Talezya or Experience ingame, or email [email protected] for quick response :).

What is your 'Artist Alias': Airmail (Talezya around the net).

Personal Gallery Link: Here

Highest Rating: E8+.

Animation: Sure! :).

Remap Information:

Eyes: Eyes
Hair: Hair
Fur: Fur and tail.
Markings: Scales under the tail
Vest: Upper clothing
Cape: Horns and spikes on tail.
Trousers: Lower clothing.
Bracers: Wing membrane
Boots: Wing Skeleton
Badge: N/A
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Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #21: November 19, 2011, 06:05:35 PM»
Character Name: Prophet.
Remap or Nonremap: Remap, prz.
Gender: Female, definitely.
Age: 40. Looks 35-40.
Species: Coyote/canine.
Anthro or Ferian: Anthro/2 legs.
Traits: Has a third eye in the middle of her forehead which is neon green (nonremappable if put into the portrait) It's your choice whether or not to include this - most of the time she actually wears a headband around her forehead so that no one can see this.
Markings: No special markings - all standard coyote markings.
Extras: Religious talisman, something like a rosary, but has a talisman of one of the primes on the end instead of a cross. If you're including this, take creative liberty with color of the beads.
Clothing: Dressed like a priest or nun (minus the head covering). She has on a stiff-collared robe which buttons from the bottom of her chin downward. It shows down to mid-chest, where it disappears into a monk's robe. She's covered from throat-to-toe completely, with full gloves and boots as well. She does not wear a hoot or a habit over her head - her hair and ears do show. However, she is usually always wearing a headband over her forehead. It's just a plain-colored silk band, no design or anything. All of her clothing is plain, no special designs or markings.
Expression: Looks stern, possibly creepy leer.
Likes: Mostly she "likes" to walk around portraying a priest. Murder sometimes, if she's up to it.
Dislikes: Rowdy/loud people.
Where are you likely to see them: Any setting, really. She blends in all places.
Miscellaneous: Her hair is cut like Victoria Beckham-style bob.
References: No refs, sadly. ;-;
Site: http://www.rprepository.com/site.php?char=6505
Contact Information: PM me here, or whisper Juanita or Smash to exchange sending info. :)
What is your 'Artist Alias': Juanita, or PB4S.
Personal Gallery Link: I got nuffin, holmes.
Highest Rating: I'd like it to be seen by everybody!!!
Animation: I would absolutely love an animated port which shows Prophet's third eye swirling around in a hypnotic fashion, BUT... I don't even know how to animate stuff, so I don't expect anyone else to. xD
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Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #22: November 19, 2011, 11:34:36 PM»
Here you are, Farren. :P

Thanks! :D
Now if Zim enters, we'll have all the returning enter'ers, I think, heh.

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Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #23: November 20, 2011, 03:09:49 AM»
Here you are, Farren. :P

Thanks! :D
Now if Zim enters, we'll have all the returning enter'ers, I think, heh.

But I don't plaaaay anymoooore. /whine

But if you insist...

Character Name: Zim
Remap or Nonremap: Nonremap
Gender: Male
Age: Appears to be around 7-8 in human years
Species: Irken
Anthro or Ferian: Humanoid
Traits: Green skin, short, antennae, large magenta eyes
Markings: none
Extras: Metal backpack-like PAK attached to spine
Clothing: Magenta gown trimmed in light pink, black leggings, long black gloves, tall black heeled boots
Likes: Snacks, world domination
Dislikes: Humans, people who attempt to thwart his attempts at world domination, not having snacks
Miscellaneous: I LIKE CREATIVITY. :3
References: really...
1 2
Contact Information:
MSN: [email protected]
Y!: [email protected]
Email: [email protected](dot)net
What is your 'Artist Alias': Zim / Sasha
Personal Gallery Link: Uhhh I mostly post to tumblr now but http://tombstone.deviantart.com/
Highest Rating: no porn but other than that idc
Animation: Preferably not since I don't have any animooted spaces... but if you want to it could be fun for an icon or something!! idk

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Re: 2011 Secret Santa Portrait Exchange
«Reply #24: November 20, 2011, 02:28:07 PM»
Wasn't going to enter this this year, BUT OH WELL I CHANGED MY MIND.

Character Name: Sionae

Remap or Nonremap: Non-remap

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Species: Three-tailed Fox

Anthro or Ferian: Anthro

Traits: Mist/glowy eyes at times.

Markings: Stripes on ears, Inverted triangle on forehead, tips of tails, and stripe/swirl on legs.

Extras: Nadda

Clothing: Can choose from 2 outfits (via site)

Expression: She's usually smiling or a serene expression.

Likes: Water, dancing, healing, magic

Dislikes: fighting, being sexual

Where are you likely to see them: Near water

Site: All references and any other information is located Here

Contact Information: Sionae in game, here, Retrima/Shamhna on DA, Magic on FA ; email is [email protected]

What is your 'Artist Alias': Lin/Sionae

Personal Gallery Link: http://retrima.deviantart.com/ or http://furaffinity.net/user/magic/

Highest Rating: M16+ is fine for nudity/nipples whatever.

Animation: Your choice :3