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Author Topic: Inexpensive Premades - 1 M human/elf, 1 UNSP fox/canine feral, 1 F fox anthro  (Read 909 times)

Offline Juanita

What I Accept:

Port Spaces (this is a maybe- ask me)

** I won't do holds, payment is due after approved edits. Once payment is received, I will send an unmarked version to your e-mail address.

How to Contact Me:

PM Here
Whisper Juanita or Smash in-game

Newer Ports:
+ I will customize these.
+ I will not sell these for you to edit/shade.

Things I will do (no extra charge):
+ Fully shade.
+ Add markings.
+ Add jewelry.
+ Add clothing.
+ Add a simple, abstract background.
+ Make uncomplicated changes to hair. (ie, can make it long, or make a ponytail. Nothing crazy.)

Things I won't do:
+ Change gender.
+ Change species.
+ Detailed backgrounds.
+ Make any major edits.

#1 - Female Fox Anthro - 12 GD

Older Ports:

These are some oldoldold ports I did years ago. Unload them for cheeeeap.

These are as-is. I am not going to add or change anything, hence why they are so daggone cheap. If you want to, you may add *markings or jewelry ONLY* to these ports, but there are to be no major edits to designs, poses, gender, etc. and my signature is not to be changed or removed.

#1 - Unspec fox/canine - 2 GD

#2 - Male elf/human - 5 GD

JPG'd for quality.

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Offline Juanita

Re: Inexpensive Premades - 1 M human/elf, 1 UNSP fox/canine
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i'm sexy and i know it

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Offline Juanita

+ price lowered