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Author Topic: Websites! A portspace, 5GD, or $5 PP. All sorts of websites!  (Read 623 times)

Offline Emily

Well I'm going to start doing websites again!  I can do just about anything, but if your commission starts getting crazy complicated then I'm going to tack on a few extra dollars to your price.  Nothing over $10 though, of course.  What do you take me for?

Here are some examples to start off:

http://frowningfinch.webs.com - commission
http://snarlforme.webs.com - commission
http://www.eilydog.webs.com - commission

To get your own:
Please fill this out and PM or whisper to Lillah in game.

Your webs account (the URL you wish to use):
Your webs account (password):
The name of the character (for the title):
Any color scheme (warm colors, cool colors, pinks, etc):
Style (iframe, scrolling, textbox):
An image you with to use (preferably transparent):
Any special requests?

I will tell you BEFOREHAND if what you're asking is too complicated or will end up costing more than the usual price.  If at any given point during the time in which you commission me and the time it is finished things get too complicated, I will contact you and explain the circumstances before deciding anything.