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Author Topic: Seeking Non-mapable port artist (Cheap - at least 10 gd or less - very broke atm  (Read 505 times)

Offline Luna Stardust

What im lookin for here is someone whos willing to do a fine port of an Alsturali sheperd - its what my chara has form now of. I can't afford much till around christmas or something so yeaah - u can post on here or just whisper me in game Luna|Stardust

Now I also search for someone to do a well-portred picture of Aqua from Kingdomhearts Birth by sleep  - just any random backround w/ Aqua's head and her keyblade behind her

I might have money soon idk
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Offline Paxil

I would be happy to obliged. My art is decent and cost is low. Examples can be seen in my gallery.