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Author Topic: Seeking: Information on "Clockwise" portrait, website and original owners  (Read 739 times)

Offline Clockwise

As of 11/29/11 I own the alt "Clockwise" and it will never be re-sold or re-traded again. I purchased it for a Life Wolven. I'm aware it's been traded around and re-sold several times.

I am searching for the following information: The original creator of the "Clockwise" character displayed in the portrait, the portist whom made the portrait, Clockwise's old website which it had a long time ago when I clicked on it and is now MIA, anyone who's done artwork of "Clockwise"

The Portrait

*Portrait has been JPG'd to reduce theft.
*Yes I PrtSc'd my own character as I do not own the original FOX file

Why the Original Creator?
I am curious as to know what species Clockwise is and if I am allowed to use it. 

Why the Portist?
I want to know if I have permission to use the portrait on the alt. Written permission is something I like to have on hand in case anything comes up. This alt has a bad history and I don't need my name tarnished. I also would like the original FOX file for the port if it's still had.

Why the Website?
I intend to go though all the information on the website in hopes of finding useful information pertaining to the history of the alt as well as what type of character it was and who played it. No I don't intend to use the website. I'm quite capable of making my own as I have done for my countless other characters.

Why the Artwork?
I want a chance to re-purchase the artwork designed for this alt rather then let any artwork it might have, rot. I will be paying the same price the original designer payed to have it done, unless the works were free. I adore the character just as it is, but since the port doesn't display the entire body I have no way of knowing what the rest of the character looks like.

Any information can be posted here or whispered to me on Clockwise. I will be checking back regularly.
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Offline Asia

The original owner is my friend Profanity. Her dA

She also made the port, I'm pretty sure the site too and she also drew art for Clockwise too.

She's not really active on furc, FAZ, and dA so you may have to wait sometime to get a reply from her, I say your best bet is to PM her on her dA rather than her FAZ account, good luck! (:

Offline Clockwise

Thank you sooo much. <33 You saved me a lot of searching

Offline Asia

No problem! Glad I could help. (: