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Author Topic: Music & Websites with .com address  (Read 527 times)

Offline maki

Music & Websites with .com address
«: December 03, 2011, 11:41:20 AM»
[email protected]
or post here.

Web design/art example:

Design with previously owned images - $30 (you get the images yourself somewhere else.)
Design with one image commission - $40 (the image will be used in the design)
Design with multiple image commissions - $50 (one large one, and a few little ones for each subpage or story section)

*I use arvixe.com to buy the domain and host--if you want to buy hosting in bulk, then I'll do that for you, but you'll have to pay me in advance. The domain name remains free for life, and you can choose some other place to host it, if you don't want to pay for more than a month of hosting.

Music Examples:

Remix - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u3TgRFKklc
Original - http://djinnomin.bandcamp.com/

Remix Price - $30
Original Price - $35

ANY GENRE--though I only have these two samples. My apologies =/ . I also can't remix songs with LYRICS, unless you're okay with having no words in it, in which case I am also 0kay with that. I prefer to remix video game songs.

Extra $5 if you don't want me to share/resell the song. You don't need to give me credit for any of this work, but don't say you did it yourself.